Congenital Hairy Nevus on Fore Head? (photo)

my son 13 days old has a congenital hairy nevus on fore head.could any one suggest the possible treatment options for him.please

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Removal of a congenital hairy nevus - Mole Removal

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Tissue expanders or serial excision can be performed to remove the congenital hairy nevus.  This should be a staged procedure with meticulous preoperative planning. 

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Well known issue in Plastic Surgery

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My heart goes out to you. I'm sure this is very distressing for you and your family.  If you haven't seen a plastic surgeon yet, then you should. Find the closest pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeon.  The nevus is not an emergency but it should be followed closely from the start. I can't completely tell from the photo but it appears to be very close to the eye and may be partially obstructing the vision. This aspect is probably the most important right now and should be addressed as soon as possible. General options mostly include surgical removal. It can be done in stages to reduce the size but the limited surrounding tissue will prevent complete removal without more involved procedures. Expanding the uninvolved surrounding skin of the forehead with tissue expanders is likely the best approach to provide additional skin for closing the defect after excision. The options are best discussed in person after a thorough physical exam. I wish you the best and congrats on the new baby. 

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