Discoloration + Mole Removal

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Brown Spot After Mole Removal. Will it Fade? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old Asian male. I had a raised mole (0.4cm in size) near my eye removed (cauterize method) by a cosmetic surgeon about a month ago.... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from my face. The plastic surgeon used silver nitrate in the wound. Will this discoloration stay? (photo)

I'm worried that the staining will be absorbed into the newly growing skin, side the wound is so deep. Also, he mentioned to me letting it dry out.... READ MORE

How to Lighten Remaining Skin Pigment After Mole Removal (Shave Method -- Due to Location Cutting in is Not an Option)? (photo)

I had a mole on my left upper lip shave removed about 7 years ago. For the first few years it was very light and almost blended into my skin. Recently... READ MORE

Could this mole be melanoma and should I get it removed? (photos)

I have an irregular discoloration on my buttocks. It is all one color, slightly bigger then a pencil eraser and is long instead of round. It is very... READ MORE

Mole removal via cauterization of 3 small flesh toned moles has left me w/ 3 discolor divot/craters scar. Any suggestion?(photo)

I previously had shave excision on 3 moles on my nose with good results. As advised, 2 of them did return in slight raises and I also developed a tiny... READ MORE

When does new skin turn flesh colored after the wound has healed? Mole removal area still discolored months later.

The Dermatologist shaved them, rubbed a solution on & left them like that. After a few days the cuts were red & itchy. The nurse was scared looking at... READ MORE

Why does my excision look look like this after 2 weeks? (Photo)

Had a mole exsized 2 weeks ago it was looking good nice and pink with a thin line .. But yesterday I felt something Pop inside the mole excision and... READ MORE

Is it possible for a mole to peel off and disappear?

A mole on my thigh had a darker tiny spot on its center. Exfoliating my very dry skin, the darker center peeled away and just a faint discoloration... READ MORE

Mole removal wound is still discoloured. Is this normal? (Photo)

I just had a mole on my upper back yesterday and have not heard from my pathologist and dermatologist yet about whether or not the mole is benign or... READ MORE

Tender mole changed in color and texture. Possible skin cancer? (Photo)

My dad was diagnosed with metastasized stage 4 melanoma about two years ago. I have over 100 miles all over my body. So I started going to my... READ MORE

Mole on scalp? (Photo)

I was getting my hair done and my stylist noticed an odd looking c-shaped discolored spot in my scalp. It feels a little sore to the touch. Should I... READ MORE

Will I get a scar after mole removal?

I had a mole removed a couple days ago. The Instructions and Care sheet I received read 'To leave the area alone for two days.' So, I did, and I had a... READ MORE

What can I use to get clear, smooth and soft skin and have the same color skin all around again? (Photo)

So I got my mole removed by using an ancient practice, with chemicals. I realize I'm not suppose to, now. but it left me with these red spots, some... READ MORE

I have a mole on the left front of the tip of my nose. It's almost skin color (a little darker than) and protrudes a bit (Photo)

Hello. I have a mole on the left front of the tip of my nose. It's almost skin color (a little darker than my skin) and it protrudes off of the... READ MORE

Are these anything to be suspicious of? (Photo)

When enlarged it has discolor in it, it's boarders are jagged and not evenly raised READ MORE

Can you identify this mole/mark? (Photo)

It's on my partners head. He is bald with a very fair complexion. History of eczema. It's raised and discolored, and appears almost "fatty" in some... READ MORE

Should discolored spot on heel be removed for biopsy? (photos)

A couple months ago I had a wide excision to remove a suspicious mole from my right leg that came back moderate to severely atypical. Shortly... READ MORE

What are the advantages and risks of minor scar revision surgery on the chest for Asian skin? (photos)

1 year ago, I had several shave biopsies on my chest to check suspicious moles. The excisions were not sutured. I now have discolored spots on my... READ MORE

A suspicious raised mole below my breasts. I realized a few days ago a small part of it is a different color. Cancerous? (photo)

I've had this mole since I was born and I monitor it closely. It does not seem to me it grew larger or anything. I couldn't be sure the discoloration... READ MORE

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