Darkening + Mole Removal

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Worried I scratched off a melanoma and it's under the scar now (photos)

Mole developed R wrist Oct 2011, no growth but darkened while pregnant I dermatologist saw Nov 2013 and another in March 2014, said it looked fine... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Nevus on the Nose For 11 Year Old Boy? (photo)

My son(11yrs/Korean ethnicity) has a nearly 2cm diameter melanocytic nevus on the right side of the nose. This has become darker over the years and... READ MORE

Can a Cold Sore Cause Hyperpigmentation of a Mole on my Upper Lip?

I have a small, circular, flat, light brown mole on my upper lip. I got a cold sore directly on that spot. After it healed, my mole appeared darker... READ MORE

Concerns After Mole Removal? Non-malignant

I had a mole removed from my shoulder a few (3-4) months ago because of concerns about skin cancer. Originally it healed into a slightly sunken... READ MORE

How Long Do Moles Take to Drop Off?

I went to a salon 4 days ago to remove moles on my face however they said after 4-5 days the moles would dry an drop off, i havent seen a change... READ MORE

Why is my scars getting darker after workout?

Hi there, I have a 5 scars from mole excision on my back. They are about 1.5-2.5cm long and 0.2-0.5 wide. It's 1 month post operation and seems that... READ MORE

Solar Lentigo or Mole?

A spot occured on my cheek 6 years ago and it gets bigger and darker in the summer. It was so small and light at first but now its larger and darker.... READ MORE

How to Tell if I Mole is Cancerous?

I have a mole on my breast, it's been there for as long as i can remember but over the years it has grown in size and darkened..but then it got... READ MORE

What does this look like? I recently had it burned with liquid nitrogen I believe. (photos)

I had this burned off at the dermatologist on Thursday. He said it was a seborric keratosis, but I've been told before it's a regular mole and also... READ MORE

Clear liquid came out of a small mole

I have a small mole on my arm that one day became slightly raised, i dont know if i caused it to do that, and as squeezed it clear liquid came out, i... READ MORE

Biopsied mole shows darkness in the center, is this likely to indicate that it is malignant? (Photos)

I went in to see a dermatologist today as an old mole of mine had grown, expanding pigment out and also increased raised area. My doctor seemed to be... READ MORE

Shave excision mole coming back? (photos)

2 weeks ago I had a shave excision done to remove a mole on my nose. After the scab fell off, the scar turned from red to pink to now a darker brown.... READ MORE

Is the site of my mole removal healing properly? (photos)

I had a mole shaved off my lower leg on 10/11/16. This is my first removal and I'm concerned about how it looks. No pain and the site is dry but it is... READ MORE

Found a mole on my back. Is it dangerous? (Photo)

I found a mole on my back, a few months ago. It seemed like an ordinary mole at first. However, it has started to darken, and in some places even... READ MORE

I've had a small bump on torso for years that swelled up with pus and blood. Wondering if it could be skin cancer? (Photo)

I've had this very small bump with a small black dot on it...maybe the size of a 1/4 of a pencil eraser...on my torso for years. A few weeks ago, it... READ MORE

How can I get this lump on my nose removed? (photos)

About a year ago I had a small red raised spot on my nose which I picked badly due to stress. I have tried my best not to pick it anymore but it seems... READ MORE

Should I go to a doctor for my mole and petechiae? (photos)

I'm an 18-year-old girl with a mole that has started to worry me recently. I've had it since I was 9 and it has changed in colouring and size since,... READ MORE

Best option to lighten/remove the mole/freckle on the tip of my nose? (Photos)

It wasn't on my nose 4 years ago and it keeps growing and getting darker. Is laser an option, or minor surgery? Thanks for your help. It's right on... READ MORE

I had a mole on my left half of my face. Can I remove it with a laser treatment & what will be cost for my treatment? (photo)

MOLE on my face is present from my birth, its going on spreading and becoming darker in colour.Does it go with laser treatment , what will be cost for... READ MORE

Could this mole be melanoma? (Photos)

Within the past year (maybe a bit longer) I noticed a new mole. It was flat & a light brown color. I've noticed it getting a bit darker over time,... READ MORE

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