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Used castor oil and baking soda to remove moles. Will they both heal up fine? (Photo)

After using this method, my moles fell off and became scabs within a week. Now, a month later, one looks fine but the bigger one is rough (dry) and... READ MORE

Bleaching Cream for Post-Mole Removal Scars?

I used a natural mole removal called Dermatend about ten months ago and was left with flat, red scars. Will a bleaching cream help to turn the scar... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to burn the moles off? Would burning the moles leave a scar?? Can it be healed?

I went to a doctor for mole removal last day and he applied certain cream on the moles. I had to wipe it off after an hour.. when i removed the cream... READ MORE

Light Coloured Hard Facial Mole Just Under my Eye? (photo)

I have a light coloured hard facial mole just under my eye, it is benign(I have seen a dermatoligist who confirms this and says a surgical excision... READ MORE

A day after mole removal feels bruised and seems a little swollen after freezing wore off, is that normal? (photo)

I just had a small skin coloured raised mole on the right side of my nose removed yesterday. It was done by "shave" excision and cauterized afterward... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on "Nevi-Skin" - mole and tag removal cream? (photo)

I did not want to spend a lot of cash to have my facial moles removed, but now I'm wondering if that was a huge mistake. I found Nevi-Skin online and... READ MORE

What is the Best Moisturizer to Use on the Face to Minimize the Scar After Mole Removal?

What is the Best Moisturizer to Use on the Face to Minimize the Scar After Mole Removal? READ MORE

I want to remove a mole on my lip. Since its on my lip would it be costly going to the doctor or would creams be best? (photo)

The mole on my lip in this picture is puffed up every now and then something underneath zit i dont know but its very uncomfortable. I never liked the... READ MORE

What cream/oil can be used to remove multiple small BENIGN MOLES at once? What can prevent more besides SPF? (Photo)

I've always had a lot of moles but I have seen multiple small, dark moles increase on my body the past few yrs since moving to Tropical climate. I'm... READ MORE

I'm 29 years old and brown spots appear on my skin with the passage of time which then turned into moles. Any suggestions?

I m 29 yearz old. brown spots appear on my skin with the passage of time which then turned into moles. i used skin lighting cream it didnt work. i ve... READ MORE

Laser mole removal post-care. Any suggestions?

I had few moles lasered off and now I have a question about the post care. I didn't touch the wounds for first day because the doctor told me to leave... READ MORE

I Have a Large Brown Spot with a Particular Form on my Right Foot Under the Knee. What is It?

I had this spot since I was a kid, I can't remember for how long. I'm very worried. It has 13-14 centimeters. It has many small parts of my natural... READ MORE

Laser Mole Removal - 10 Days Later - What should I expect?

I had a laser shaver of a mole, from my forehead. What should my skin be looking like now. Its been 10days, ive used ointment want to know why it... READ MORE

How to remove this pigment? I got it when I was born. (photos)

I got it (About 2mm in diameter) when I was born. I'm thinking to remove it, I asked a doctor, he said a small surgery is the only solution, but I... READ MORE

My mole was removed by a dewart cream, is it safe?

Pls help the woman accidentaly putted a dewart cream on my moles In my face. She said it is ok? im bothered.. My moles are just flat and small color... READ MORE

Can I use silver sulfadiazine cream to get rid of scar after removing moles? (photos)

Hello about days ago i did remove bunch of movles which is in my face via lase . one of them was big and -it were in my forehead . doctor said me to... READ MORE

Facial mole indentation after 4 weeks and what should I do to help it heal? (Photo)

I had a mole shaved off about a month ago from my cheek. There is an indentation and I'm worried it won't heal skin level. Is there anything I should... READ MORE

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