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What is This Flesh Colored Bump on my Nose (not a Pimple), and is It Removable? (photo)

I have had this growth at the top of my nose for as long as I can remember. I have no idea what it is, or what caused it. It's always made me feel... READ MORE

Small, Hard Bump on Side of Nostril That Bleeds when I Scratch at It?

I have a small, hard flesh-coloured bump on the side of my nostril that has been growing for 3 years slowly but steadily. It is still only a couple of... READ MORE

Can This Bump on my Forehead Be Removed?

I have a bump on my forehead made of bone. It is right next to my hairline in the middle on my forehead. Can surgery help me out here? Also, will I... READ MORE

3 1/2 Months After Mole Removal, a Bright Red Bump Remains. Why? (photo)

A small mole was shaved/removed from my arm 3 1/2 months ago. Now the area is very bright red and a little bit raised. One derm said he thought blood... READ MORE

Bump on Tip of my Nose? (photo)

Hi! I've had this bump on the tip of my nose since I was a teen. At first I thought it was a pimple but it never went away. I can usually cover it... READ MORE

Is there a best way to remove this (small, flesh-colored, raised) mole from my nose? (photos)

About fifteen years ago, I noticed a subtle, flesh-colored, raised bump on on the front of my right nostril. The bump has since grown to about twice... READ MORE

Bump on Mole Excision Scar? (photo)

I had a mildly atypical mole completely excised. It's been over a month and the scar healed nicely but in the last week a small bump with a dark... READ MORE

Mole Removed on Face Via Shave Excision - Slight Bump and Brownish Scar Left?

I recently (3/4 weeks ago) had a mole removed on my face - it was protruding and around 0.5cm in diameter. It was tested and was benign. The mark is... READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Lump on my Leg is Cancerous or Not? (photo)

I have a hard lump on my shin and it bleeds when I hit it shaving, and sometimes it hurts when I touch it. It's gotten a little bigger and I feel... READ MORE

I Have This Bump/mole on my Nose. What is It Called? Is It Safe to Remove It when Im Only 14? (photo)

I have had this bump on my nose since I was about 5 or 6. It is genetic and runs down my dads side of the family. it doesnt hurt or cause any irritation. READ MORE

I had a mole on my upper lip removed 3 weeks ago by shave excision. There is now a red scar with a bump on it. Is this normal?

This was the second time I've had this mole removed as it grew back and there was an area that was more raised, so I'm wondering is that why there is... READ MORE

My mole was removed 6 weeks ago, and it's itching. Is this normal?

Week 6 after mole being frozen off: Is pink in color still has a little bit of a bump and started to ITCH yesterday. I am worried. Is itching after 6... READ MORE

New Bump on Eyebrow?

I have a small flesh colored slightly raised mole that has appeared slightly below one eyebrow. Is this something that I have shaven off? It really... READ MORE

Removed Mole Replaced By Skin Color Bump? (2 Years After Removal)

Can a flesh coloured bump in place of a removed abnormal mole be a cause for concern? The bump has appeared after 2 years of mole removal (by shaving)... READ MORE

Should I worry about a hard, large, pink bump on my back from where I recently had a mole removed? (Photo)

Almost a year ago I had a large mole removed from my shoulder blade with a scalpel by a dermatologist. For a while the spot was a big divet in my back... READ MORE

I had a large brown mole removed and now it is pinkish/red and raised. Should I be concerned? Or is it a scar? (photos)

I had a large brown mole removed on my neck about 4-5 months ago. It is now a pink color almost red. It is also raised. When the mole was first... READ MORE

Red Dot Appeared After my Mole Removed? (photo)

My mole just got removed last 2 weeks ago, and the area where the stitching end[where the stitching tied] are like bumpy same color of my skin, the... READ MORE

What should I do about this bump on my nose? (photo)

I thought it was just a pimple at first, but I've had this bump on my nose for 3 years now. Sometimes it bleeds and lately it seems larger and more... READ MORE

Is Flesh-colored Bump on Lip a Mole?

I have a flesh colored bump on my upper lip that has been there for years and it does not hurt, is it a mole? A dermatologist told me a couple years... READ MORE

Had two moles removed how long does it take for the swelling to go down in the eye bag? (photos)

About I 1/2 months ago, I had two mole removed, one beside the other , they where removed by a plastic surgeon. My concern is the area around my eye... READ MORE

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