Can This Bump on my Forehead Be Removed?

I have a bump on my forehead made of bone. It is right next to my hairline in the middle on my forehead. Can surgery help me out here? Also, will I have a scar?

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Osteoma Forehead

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Osteomas of the forehead can be removed by hiding an incision within the hair.  Since the scar is within the hair it is very difficult to see.  Surgery can be helpful for patients as it will allow for the patient's forehead to look smoother and have an improved appearance.

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Bump on forehead

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It would help to see a photo but it is probably an Osteoid osteoma.  It can be removed by shaving it down using a file from behind the hairline.  I have done many of these under local anesthesia and it takes about fifteen minutes.

Bony Bump of Forehead

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  • Definitely consider meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to have this evaluated. 
  • It may be an osteoma of the frontal bone (a benign bony growth of your forehead) that can be removed with a fairly simple surgical procedure. 
  • If the growth is close to your hairline, the incision could be hidden at the hairline. 

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Bump on forehead

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I would recommend that you have some imaging done to confirm whether or not the bump is made of bone.  Once this is done, treatment options can be discussed with your physician.

Bump on forehead

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Are you sure this site is made of bone? There are many skin conditions that feel hard that are certainly not bone. I would recommend a CT scan to determine if your site is actually made of bone or something else. Then, what needs to be done can be discussed, as well as how that would work and what type of scarring you may or may not have.

Mbump forehead

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The bump can be removed, if one feels it is bone then a workup is needed including ct scan ot the skull and forehead. This may determine what it is and then a plan for the surgery is made with you plastic surgeon. He/She may involve other specialties as needed.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Treatment options for bump on forehead

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Are you sure the bump on your forehead is bone and not something else?  There are many different growths that could cause a bump on your forehead that would not be made up of bone.  If the bump is under your skin, then the only way to remove it would be to do so surgically and an incision would be necessary.  If the bump is raised and on top of the skin, then it possibly could be shaved off.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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