Blister + Mole Removal

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Accidently Popped Blister from Frozen Mole, How to Care for Wound (photo)?

I had a Keratosis removed from my forearm. The blister that formed popped accidentally. I trimmed the skin off because it was hanging by a thread. Now... READ MORE

Blisters in wound after mole removal. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a mole shaved off about a 1.5 weeks ago and now the wound is filled with blister looking things. Is this normal? READ MORE

Blood blister maybe mole. Became raised. Any idea what it is? Concerned of maybe melanoma.

I have what I thought was a little blood blister. It's been there awhile and became raised and I accidentally scratched it off. It was down to clear... READ MORE

Mole Frozen and Blistered?

Hello I am a 65 year old Female. I have been attending a Skin Specialist to have those crusted grey spots that we older people get Frozen off. On my... READ MORE

I have a mole that now looks like it has a blister. What could this be? (photos)

Had this mole every since I was young and another on my back. It was sore and itchy and I thought I got it caught on something and tore it. My husband... READ MORE

Is it a mole or a blister? (Photo)

I've recently moved away for university so I've yet to register to the local doctor. While having a shower I felt something on my back that really... READ MORE

Mole shaved off in 2013. It's red & blistering now. Is this something to watch or should I have it looked at again? (Photo)

It was a birth mole I inherited from my dad he had the same mole. It is regenerating and shape of it has been returning for years although it has... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about this mole? Was going to have it removed but GP has just rubbed it off & decided to leave it. (photo)

I visited GP with a small mole that turned black, prone to slight bleeding, itchy, not healing properly after four weeks. GP was going to remove it,... READ MORE

What products can be used to heal a burn/blister from using hydroquinone 4%? (photo)

In April 2016, I had a mole removed/frozen from my nose, but received a dark scar from the the procedure. Dermatologist prescribed hydroquinone 4% in... READ MORE

Blood blister on 6-week scar after mole removal. (photo)

Mole removal scar is healing nicely for 6 weeks post-op, but a blood blister developed on the spot that's been experiencing a sharp poking pain from a... READ MORE

Does this appear to be a mole or could it possibly be something else? (Photo)

After a day in the sun this spot appeared on my lip. I can't get in to a dermatologist for months so I am wondering if it may possibly go away or... READ MORE

I have a dark spot on my right ankle; is it a mole? (Photo)

It isn't a typical mole like the ones I already have. It is darker than the rest. I don't have many moles on my body in general. It doesn't hurt me... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about my mole? Turned into a blood blister. (Photo)

I had a small brown mole on my leg since birth, last October it changed to a what looked likely a dark blood blister with a red ring round it (picture... READ MORE

Yesterday I had three moles frozen. One of them was large, 3 cm protruding, and it looks no different. How long before blisters?

What happens if the moles roots were too deep to freeze off? Will it just stay the same and remain unaffected? Will it take a few days for the... READ MORE

I had gotten my mole freezed now it's been 3 days. I accidentally popped the blister and took the skin off. What to do? (Photo)

Hi, I recently had my flat mole freezed 3 days ago and I was getting really anxious and inpatient so I was kinda fiddling with it when I accidently... READ MORE

I had a mole on my right lower lip. After removal about six days ago by a beautician house, the blister got bigger. (Photo)

The beautician told me to wait for 7 days and the blister will drop off. I think it is not possible because it is not shrinking. She also did on a few... READ MORE

Had a mole on my chin removed 3 months ago and is now bleeding and a red circle. Any suggestions?

It was titchy and i may have scratched it to hard, that made the wound swell up and get very red with what looked like a blood blister. The next day i... READ MORE

Should I be worried? Derm didn't check any other moles on me? I went in yesterday (4/5/17) for bigger excision? (Photos)

Sudden appearance of what looked like a blood blister on my Right Mid flank. I had a punch biopsy of 4mm. Results: Inflamed Intradermal Melanocytic... READ MORE

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