Accidently Popped Blister from Frozen Mole, How to Care for Wound (photo)?

I had a Keratosis removed from my forearm. The blister that formed popped accidentally. I trimmed the skin off because it was hanging by a thread. Now the wound is open, white and green inside with a red outline. How do I best care for it to minimize scarring? My doctor is not in till next week and his secretary said to put Neosporin on it and leave it uncovered.

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Mole removed by freezing how to take care of it?

I would treat this like a resurfacing wound and clean every 2-3 hours and always have vaseline over it. This yellow crusting needs to come off.

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How to care for a wound

I recommend you soak the area twice daily using hydrogen peroxide with either a cotton ball or sterile gauze. After soaking for several minutes, the area is gently wiped with the cotton ball or gauze to remove any dead tissue or pus that can be easily removed. It should then be covered with Aquaphor Healing Ointment (an OTC product) and covered with a band aid. If the area does not improve within 24 hours you will need a prescription-strength antibiotic ointment (not Neosporin) or possibly an oral antibiotic, if necessary. If your doctor is away, there must be another doctor or provider that is covering for their patients and you should insist on being seen if necessary.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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