Bleeding + Mole Removal

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Infection after getting mole removed? (photos)

I got a me removed about a week ago and it began to scab but the scab has now fallen off and it is essentially and open wound. It is bleeding and... READ MORE

I have a mole that looked dry, flaky. I picked it off.Now it's almost gone? It looks like a light brown color. Dangerous?(photo)

I went to a dermatologist 3 years ago for a mole check and recently got some mole removed from my back. 2 months ago I not a mole near my belly button... READ MORE

Mole Excision Infection?

Hello i had a mole extraction by excision 2 weeks ago. today i change my band aid and i notice bleeding on the wound, i discover a hole on the wound... READ MORE

Recently Raised Mole on my Back?

Hi, I have a mole on my back that has always been flat, dark brown and about 3mm. Recently it became slighty raised which concerned me. I was... READ MORE

I Have Just Had a Mole Removed 2 Days Ago by Scraping and Cauterization?

It is still bleeding how often should i be changing dressing and how long before it scabs over READ MORE

I have a mole on scalp. What type of mole is this? Is it okay that it bleeds, and will insurance cover the removal? (photo)

It will bleed if it's accidently combed over with a brush. It appeared a few years ago while I was pregnant. It's in a very inconvenient spot for me.... READ MORE

I had a facial mole removal, is it infected? I need aftercare advice too (Photo)

I had a mole on my face removed. It was burned/shaved off. This picture is the second day after the removal.. Accidentally knocked it yesterday and it... READ MORE

Have my stitches come undone?

I had a mole removed from the wall of just in side my vagina hole 6 days ago, I was given dissolvable stitches and was fine for the first 5 days with... READ MORE

After mole removal how long and how much bleeding should I have?

I had a mole removed earlier around 4:30 central time and it is now 7:10 still bleeding heavily. READ MORE

I have had a bump behind my ear for 4 years and it's starting to get worse, what could it be? (photo)

I noticed about 4 years ago a bump on the back of my conchal bowl that had never been there before. I thought it may have been a pimple and tried to... READ MORE

Today, I had a mole excised on the side of my big toe. I'm wondering what they did at one point.

The doctors assistant wiped the area and gave me that painful burning shot. The doctor shaved it right off with a curved razor and then I looked, and... READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off of my lower back. Silver nitrate was used to stop the bleeding. Is this normal? (photo)

It is red and deep purple. I am experiencing a minor burning sensation when sweat or air hits the area, is this normal? What should I be looking... READ MORE

I have a crusty mole on my back. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I have a mole on my back that used to be smooth and light brown but now is crusty like a scab. After I shower and towel off it bleeds. If touch it the... READ MORE

Removal of large mole recommended? (photo)

I've had this mole since birth. It used to be flat and smaller, but now it is (in my opinion) highly raised and about a half-inch in diameter. I have... READ MORE

Mole Frozen and Blistered?

Hello I am a 65 year old Female. I have been attending a Skin Specialist to have those crusted grey spots that we older people get Frozen off. On my... READ MORE

Could This Mole Be Turning into a Skin Cancer? (photo)

I'm 28 y/o. My mole is growing very slowly. It has hair, sensation, sometimes acne & bleeds if acne is opened. Like the rest of my facial skin,... READ MORE

Is it Melanoma? Can I determine its stage by physical checking? (photos)

I have this big mole like structure near my belly button for almost 4 years. It goes through a cycle of being painful for a short while, bleeds if i... READ MORE

Is the mole in my neck infected or something else? (photos)

I have a mole on my neck that I noticed the other day was inflamed and bleeding with red around it. It is sore and itches a at times. Could of I... READ MORE

I had 2 moles removed from my stomach today for biopsy. 1 of the spots hurts badly, the other is fine. (Photo)

I had 2 moles removed today from my stomach. One was punched out and the other scraped off(nearest my belly button). The one that was punched bled a... READ MORE

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