1 Week Post-op + Mole Removal

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Are my Mole Excision/cauterization Scars Healing Properly? (photo)

I have two moles on my face removed a week ago, and they aren't looking great. The doctor was very unprofessional. For aftercare, all he told me was... READ MORE

Infection after getting mole removed? (photos)

I got a me removed about a week ago and it began to scab but the scab has now fallen off and it is essentially and open wound. It is bleeding and... READ MORE

Black/dark Brown Spot in Mole Biopsy Wound?

I had a biopsy of a mole taken earlier this week and now there is a black/dark brown spot in the wound. Could this be because the doctor didn't... READ MORE

Got a mole removed. Scab accidentally got scrapped off. What should I do?

I got a mole removed from my chin by a dermatologist 5 days ago. An elevated scab formed where it was removed. I accidently broke off half the scab.... READ MORE

Infection after mole shave (Photo)

I had 8 moles removed by shave/electro surgery method 6 days ago. 1 of the moles appears to be infected, I am applying antibiotic ointment 3 times a... READ MORE

When Can I Apply Makeup to a Shave Excised Mole?

My mole was shave excised and cauterized about one week ago and has yet to scab up. I've been cleaning the site with Bactine disinfecting spray,... READ MORE

Biopsy After Freezing Mole?

I had a mole frozen off a week ago but doctor didnt do a biopsy, is there still a way to biopsy after to make sure its benign? thanks READ MORE

I Have Had Moles Removed Just over a Aweek Ago I Have Noticed Merkyness on Them is This Infection?

Ellman removal of moles..im keeping moist but fear they are becoming yellowish. Should I take antibiotics? READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I Recently Had 3 Moles Laser Removed from my Face, Is the Redness Normal After 1 Week?

1 of my moles was flat and 2 were slightly raised. It is a week since i had these done, and i wanted to know how it is supposed to look now? as mine... READ MORE

How should I take care of removed mole to minimize indenture scar? Mole removed 9 days ago. Sutures removed on day 5. (Photo)

It looks like the sutures did not hold the upper portion together well and has left a triangular indenture. My current routine is to clean 2-3x daily... READ MORE

How long after having a surgical mole removal on my face can I wear makeup?

I had 5 moles surgically removed from my face 6 days ago. I have had the stitches removed and have followed my surgeons aftercare instructions. How... READ MORE

I Had Four Moles Removed Five Days Ago and the Center of the Mole is White. Is This Normal?

My doctor is telling me I should scrub the white part off. I have been gently washing them and keeping them cover with band aids and Vaseline. READ MORE

Need Facial Mole Excision Aftercare Advice?

I am 23 years old and had two facial moles cut out 1 week ago. I've been generously applying Bacitracin and covering with a bandage. After the sutures... READ MORE

Facial Scar Care?

I had a mole removed on my face a little over a week ago. The stitches were taken out on friday and since then it has healed greatly. Simply looks... READ MORE

Have my stitches come undone?

I had a mole removed from the wall of just in side my vagina hole 6 days ago, I was given dissolvable stitches and was fine for the first 5 days with... READ MORE

Just had a benign mole shaved off a week ago on my chin, and it's not flush with my skin. Is this normal after a week? (Photo)

I am concerned that the mole that was shaved wasn't done so flush with my skin. It appears to be healing well, very little redness. But, I'm concerned... READ MORE

Nerve damage after mole removal?

Had mole biopsied on my back. 1 week later developed horrible pain like Shingles. Not shingles though. what is it?? READ MORE

Not sure if my mole is healed? (photo)

Hi, so I got my mole removed last Friday and was told to keep the stitches on for 7 days and came back the Friday after to get my stitches removed,... READ MORE

1 week post op Mole Removal on forehead with radio wave surgery. It looks very red. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a mole removed last week with radio wave surgery and was told once the scab had fallen off I would be left with a pink blemish. However it looks... READ MORE

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