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FDA-cleared for excessive underarm sweating, miraDry is a non-invasive treatment that uses microwave energy to permanently destroy sweat glands.

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Finally! Something to Rely On! - Shelby Township, MI

After 25 years of embarrassing underarm sweating and odor there is something out there that has actually worked!! I had the procedure done a few weeks ago and so far am very pleased! It hasn't stopped the sweating completely, but definitely significantly from what it was and was amazes me... READ MORE

My MiraDry Experience - Miami Beach, FL

For many years, I suffered of severe underarm sweating accompanied by strong odor. I visited Dr. Leon Egozi's office on June 8th, 2012 and was treated. Instantly, the sweating was gone. I felt a little soar and had some swelling but i went dancing the same night. This was a wonderful experience,... READ MORE

My Experience - New York, NY

I was quite nervous but my appointment because I read that for some people, it was really painful. The numbing needles poked me 20-something times and to me, that was the most painful part. But I also have previous experience from Dysport injections (which was mostly ineffective due to probably... READ MORE

Recent Miradry Procedure - Boca Raton, FL

I'm a 23 year old male who has struggled with underarm sweat since I was 16. I have tried everything short of invasive surgery and nothing seemed to work (Botox worked well but it only lasted around 4 months for me and at $1000+ it didn't seem worth it). I had my Miradry procedure... READ MORE

Compensatory Sweating - San Diego, CA

Overall it was a pain free experience. The swelling was uncomfortable (felt like I had softballs under my arms for a week or so) and I iced religiously for a week. No sweating while swollen but it has gradually increased as time has gone on. My treatment was on 4/19/2012 in San Diego and the... READ MORE

The Name of the Product is Appropriate! - Dallas, TX

This review is being written two days after the treatment. I am a 6'9" 42 year old man from Dallas, TX. I have had heavy armpit sweat since I was 14 years old. As I live in Texas, it is a daily test for my anti-perspirant and undershirts. I am a confident person, but armpit sweating has altered... READ MORE

MiraDry Experience After One Week - Williamsville, NY

I have been dealing with underarm hyperhidrosis since my early teens with intermittent success controlling it. When I heard about miraDry I decided to give it a shot. I am one week out from the procedure now and am pleased with the results. Initially there was a little discomfort but it passed... READ MORE

Worth It For Severe Hyperhidrosis - Fort Myers, FL

Before the Mira Dry treatment in Dr. Brueck's office two weeks ago, my hyperhidrosis was out of control for years. It was interfering with my daily life and moving from New York to Florida two years ago only amplified the issue. I really didn't like the sound of any options out there; until I... READ MORE

Miradry- Hit a Nerve - Charlotte, NC

Hello I had the Miradry treatment done 3 days ago, $2900, first one of two. The procedure went well...I think. I got a lot more numbing than I expected, like 6 viles in each underarm. Dispute the numbing I felt burning on 2 of the zaps. My swelling was the worst the first two days, much better... READ MORE

Words Can Hardly Describe the Feeling....Denver, CO

I'm 28 years old and have suffered from hyperhydrosis for the last 14 years. It seemed hard enough being a teenager, and this was one more thing to add to my insecurities. Through these years, there wasn't a moment in the day that I wouldn't think about how much I was sweating....and that seemed... READ MORE

Life Changing - Palm Harbor, FL

My experience was amazing. The procedure was so easy. The nurse numbed my underarms and then performed the procedure. The entire process took less than an hour. I can't believe in less than an hour I was sweat free. I haven't used deodorant since the day I had it done. No more ruined clothes and... READ MORE

Two Weeks After First Treatment and I Have Some Concerns

I had my first Miradry treatment two weeks ago. The device was set to level 2. I had 55 lidocaine shots in each underarm which were fairly uncomfortable but manageable. Underarm sweat has drastically been reduced although not 100%. The "stunned" sweat glands seem to be making a comeback. I... READ MORE

Miradry Miracle - Manhattan, NY

After struggling with excessive armpit sweating, I opted to try Miradry. Instead of shelling out thousands per year for Botox injections in my armpits, which isn't permanent, patients pay one set price for a procedure that permanently destroys the sweat gland. A microwave ray is emited into the... READ MORE

Best Thing I Have Done for Myself! No More Sweat! - San Diego, CA

I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since I was 9 years old. I've used Drysol, Robinul, Botox and every possible antiperspirant available. Robinul worked but I couldn't tolerate the side effects. (Having a mouth so dry that I couldn't talk is a problem!) Botox initially worked but after 6 years... READ MORE

Miradry is Amazing - Austin, TX

I had this procedure done 3 days ago. The procedure itself was not painful, but the prep work with all the shots of lidocaine was really bad. I will admit that I am a big baby, and have a very low threshold for pain. Before I have the second round done, I will have a few glasses of wine before... READ MORE

So Pleased! - Canada

I had an amazing experience with this procedure, everyone working there was extremely nice including my doctor. The procedure itself was a breeze! I could barely tell when I was receiving the needles for freezing the area and when the miradry machine was going I could only feel slight suction.... READ MORE

Best $3000 I've Ever Spent. - Florida

Can't say enough about how this procedure has affected me positively. Had the first treatment several weeks ago and am experiencing very little to no sweating in my underarms which I have had extremely excessively since my teens. Tried all the prescription antiperspirants for years.... READ MORE

Amazing Procedure/ Amazing Results - New York, NY

My name is John Q. I have struggled with underarm sweat since my teenage years. I would sweat even at rest. It seems to run in my family. It is amazing and life changing. It worked for me the first visit. I am 210 pound male and work out very often. After the procedure I don't even sweat... READ MORE

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