Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment with Exillis Ultra

The video describes how the Exilis Ultra (combined radio frequency and ultrasound) treatment works to tighten the skin of the face non invasively. VIEW NOW

3D Face Lifting Benefits and Process

The proper way to rejuvenate the face, multidimensional face lifting. This video introduces the user to using of microsomal fat injection and skin resurfacing concurrently while doing a face lift VIEW NOW

How to Tighten Skin and Reduce Fat with BodyTite and FaceTite

Curious about what areas you can treat with the BodyTite? Do you have areas of fat and loose skin that you would like to improve? BodyTite and FaceTite may be the solution for you. VIEW NOW

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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening with J-Plazty

The Non Surgical Skin Tightening with J-Plazty video demonstrates the improvement in skin laxity and firmness. This patient 1 day post-procedure VIEW NOW


Facelift Best Candidates

Dr. Gilpin answers your questions about face and neck lift in this video. He will discuss which patients are the best candidate for this procedure, typical downtime afterwards, and how the procedure is performed and where incisions are made. VIEW NOW

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Adding Volume for Facelift Results

New York Oculplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's question about improving her mid-face area, explaining the limitations of mid-facelifts, how its goal can be achieved by correcting cheek volume, and how modern cheek fillers last longer. VIEW NOW

Tips to Speed up Recovery After Surgery

Dr. Yamamoto explains one of his most frequently asked questions, "How do I speed up my recovery after my surgery." VIEW NOW

Chin Implant Candidates and Potential Benefits

Dr. Yamamoto explains why he thinks that the chin implant is a very underrated facial plastic surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Facelift With Facetite (GRAPHIC)

The face and neck can be lifted non-surgically with radiofrequency heat. Facetite is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime. Can reduce unwanted fat and be done alone or with surgery to enhance results. Results lasts 3-4 yrs. VIEW NOW

Scar Removal After a Tummy Tuck (GRAPHIC)

Tummy tuck scars can leave extra skin, often referred to as dog ears, along the ends of the scar. In this video, Dr. Rogers excises the scars in the office, leaving the area smooth and flat. VIEW NOW

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The Differences Between Facelift Techniques

The Facelift has been around for more than 100 years, and has evolved a great deal over time to include multiple types of techniques. Dr. Soares briefly reviews the history of the facelift and some of the most popular techniques in existence today. VIEW NOW

The Importance of Adding Volume With a Facelift

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's concern about a revision of mini facelift, explaining how tension on the skin limits surgical lifting, how swelling during recovery adds volume, and importance of volume correction. VIEW NOW

Best Anesthesia for a Facelift

Local anesthesia and twilight sedation are safe and well-tolerated. Compared to traditional facelift procedures that are performed under general anesthesia, post operative complications with local are lower and risk of bleeding is minimized. VIEW NOW

Should You Lose Weight Before a Facelift?

Stable weight is best for most cosmetic surgeries including facelifts. In general, it is best to be at your stable long term weight to reduce the probability for revision surgery. VIEW NOW

The Best Age for a Facelift

Dr Kevin Sadati from the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery discusses what is the best age for a facelift. Whether you are young or old there are certain criteria that must be considered before you should contemplate facelift surgery. VIEW NOW