Mini Lift Videos

What Is a Facelift?

Dr. Williams shares his thoughts on what a face lift is. He is often asked in consultation since there is confusion about the upper and lower face. Patients often want to know what is the difference between a mini lift, full face lift, and brow lift. VIEW NOW

A Woman Discusses Her S-Lift

A facelift can rejuvenate the mid-face, lower face, and the neck for a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Listen as Dr. Michael L. Schwartz explains the surgery and a woman shares her experience with the procedure. Several photos are shown. VIEW NOW

Facelift Techniques for Lifting Heavy Jowls

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about different facelift techniques and terms, clarifies their characteristics and meanings and advises how to select the right surgeon. VIEW NOW

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An Overview of the Mini Facelift

The mini facelift can improve sagging skin in the face, neck and jaw by removing excess fat and tightening muscles. Dr. Tunç Tiryaki discusses the advantages of this procedure, what you can expect with recovery and what age is best for surgery. VIEW NOW

How A Mini Facelift can Help You

Dr. Christine Hamori discusses why some people may decide to have a mini facelift and explains the benefits of this procedure. A woman's before and after images are shown. VIEW NOW

The S-Lift: An Overview

Dr. Richard D'Amico discusses the S-Lift (also known as a mini lift), a minimally invasive facelift that can be performed alone or in conjunction with other minimally or non-invasive procedures. Find out if you are a candidate. VIEW NOW

Types of Tummy Tucks

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses the various types of tummy tucks, and how to determine which type is best for you. VIEW NOW

When Should I Have a Facelift?

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses pros and cons consider with both the 40-50 age group and the 60-70 age group, as well as his approach to the surgery. VIEW NOW

Facelifts: A Doctor's Approach

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley explains how a facelift can help reverse the signs of visible aging. Dr. Rawnsley explains how he strives to achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance. VIEW NOW

Mini Facelift, Fat Grafting, and Chin Liposuction — See Tammy's Results 1 Day & 1 Week Post-Op

Tammy had a mini facelift, chin liposuction, facial fat grafting from inner thigh, and thigh liposuction performed by Dr. Pramit Malhorta. See what she thinks of her results. VIEW NOW

What's the Difference Between a Facelift and a Mini-Facelift?

Dr. Steven Vath discusses the different terminology that is used to describe this facial rejuvenation procedure, as well as the areas of the face and neck that it addresses. VIEW NOW

Facelifts: A Doctor's Approach to a Natural Look

Dr. Steven Vath explains his approach to facelifts and some tips to avoid a fake-looking outcome. VIEW NOW

How Do I Know When I'm Ready for a Facelift?

Dr. Andrew Wolfe discusses facial aging and how to know if it's time for a little surgical facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

What Is a Mini Facelift?

Dr. Andrew Wolfe discusses the mini-facelift including what areas it addresses and what to expect from the procedure. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

An assistant at Dr. Cory Torgerson's office explains how much a facelift might cost in Toronto and what should be included, as well how the price may vary depending on the extensiveness of the surgery. VIEW NOW