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Gynecomastia Surgery Compression Garment. How Tight Should it Be?

Hi! I had gynecomastia surgeryliposuction on my chest 3 weeks ago. And i was wondering how tight should the compression garment be and how long should... READ MORE

Shivers and Extreme Fatigue 3 Weeks After Surgery- Why?

Hello, i had gynocomastia surgery and stomach lipo. i was near ideal bodyweight so not much fat was removed. i'm 3 weeks post surgery and i have... READ MORE

Sunken Chest After Male Breast Reduction

Chest sunk in behind nipple after Gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks ago. Will this improve any with time? Chest has very minimal fat left and sinks in when... READ MORE

Three Weeks Post Gynecomastia Smart Lipo, When Will I Start Seeing Results?

This is my third week post gynecomastia smart lipo, I don't see much difference yet, can swelling last for three weeks? how can I tell it's... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Gynecomastia surgery, I'm worried about water collection. Is this normal?

I went through gynaco surgey about 3 weeks ago and i started collecting water on right side beneath nipple area.. My doctr has done aspiration 2-3... READ MORE

Did I Take the Rib Belt Off Too Early After a Gynecomastia Operation? Chest Is Sagging.

Hi,I had a gynecomastia liposuction 2.5 weeks ago. I took off the rib belt 10 days post-op (was moving a lot too, but not gyming). I’ve had the... READ MORE

Contour Deformity Following Unilateral Gynecomastia Surgery, How do I Address this Issue? (photo)

I am noticing a horizontal tear-drop shaped depression. Immediately following surgery contour was perfect, then as swelling subsided I noticed this... READ MORE

Is this a seroma, hematoma or just regular swelling due to the stitches? What should I do about it? (Photo)

I am 18 and had gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks before. Is this seroma, hematoma or just regular swelling due to the stitches? What should I do about it? READ MORE

Sagging of Skin Post Gynecomastia Op? (photo)

I had surgery on 24th June. The skin is sagging just below the stitches of my left areola. It is not seroma as it is hard underneath. Only the part... READ MORE

How long should I ice after gynecomastia surgery to reduce swelling?

I had gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks ago, there was a hematoma on one side and that was drained 2 weeks ago. Dr said everything is looking normal.... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Gynecomestia Surgery. Scared for Chest Indentation and Why is my Left Chest Stil Swollen? (photo)

July 23 I had my gynecomestia surgery(I am from the Netherlands) and upcomming monday(3 weeks later) I will go to the hospital so the docter will take... READ MORE

Will I Need the Purse-string Suture Removed? (photo)

I'm a male following severe weight loss and a gynomastia correction had a lollipop mastopexy to reduce areola size On one side the t shape scar has... READ MORE

What is your opinion on my progress? Should I be thinking of further revisions after the proper healing period? (photo)

Had gyno for approx 11 years. presently 24. Finally got the revision surgery approx 3 weeks ago. The first week, the chest was flat .with the swelling... READ MORE

When does pain from Gynecomastia surgery subside?

I had Gynecomastia surgery around 19 days back...n still there is pain from cuts n incisions especially around my rib area...when will this pain get... READ MORE

Liquidy Feeling in One Side of Chest 3 Weeks Post Surgery, What Could be Causing this?

I had gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks ago. The right side of my chest was much more swolen after the surgery than the left. I have had fluid removed... READ MORE

Not satisfied 3 weeks after Gynecomastia surgery, I expected a flat chest. Is it too early to judge? (photo)

A certified comestic surgeon conducted gynecomastia surgery on me approximately 3 weeks ago. He did both liposuction and excistion of the gland. I... READ MORE

Is There a Way Fix Nipple Necrosis? (photo)

I am now 19 days from a Gynecomastia surgery, and I'm sure my right nipple has been dead for a while. Lipposuction was done on both sides but on my... READ MORE

Dark Brown Colour Around Scar, 3 Week Afther Gynecomastia? (photo)

Hello, 3 weeks ago afther my gynecomastia operation the beginning of the incision is starting to pull inside(it's making a litlle well, it's not open)... READ MORE

Puffy Nipple Post Gynocomastia Operation? (photo)

Hello doctor, I just had that surgery 23 days before, the gland tissue were all removed but the areola is now puffy just like before. and it seems... READ MORE

3 weeks post gyno and lypo. How long before I see my final result? (Photo)

Hello! I just want the opinion of other surgeons out there, this is how it looks after 3 weeks, the areola is big as bit used to be, but I'm aware... READ MORE

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