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Ultrasonic Liposuction

What is ultrasonic liposuction or ultrasound-assisted lipo?  Are they the same thing?   READ MORE

Does Radio Frequency Treatment Need Combined with Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation for it to Work?

I was told that lipo cavitation only works if combined with the Radio frequency treatment,is it true or can you just have either one/ Which is better... READ MORE

Can I Use a Home Ultrasound Machine to Help Heal my Liposuction Lumps?

I had liposuction about 8 weeks ago on my abdomen and sides and have a indentation and lumps. Can a home ultrasound machine help? Are these machines... READ MORE

Cavitation/ultrasound After Liposuction Same Areas. How Should I Time It?

Dear, I have done a liposuction around the abdomen areas. I also want to do cavitation/ultrasound at the same areas (abdomen) after the liposuction.... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a noticeable lump around my belly button area after Liposuction?

It has been three Months after my lipo surgery, and i didnt have this before but now i have a lump right above my belly button. I hate it. How can i... READ MORE

2 months post op arm Liposuction, I don't see any result and my arm is still big. Any suggestions? (photos)

2 months post op. I have seroma, my arms look bigger than before i had my lipo. Doctor said he took out a lot of fat. My upper arms still numb. When... READ MORE

What Type of Ultrasound Should I Be Using to Attempt to Resolve This ScarTissue/fat Necrosis (Do These Feelsimilar in Texture)?

Would a 1mhz handheld ultrasonic massager be appropriate? Reshape? Edermologie? My issue is I HAVE buldges on my abdomen as a result of either too... READ MORE

Six weeks post liposuction but same body fat percentage: Is this normal?

I had a combination of ultrasound and power assisted liposuction on my tummy and flanks six weeks back. I am 5'1" and weighed113 lbs with 24% body fat... READ MORE

Lumpiness 5 months after lipo, is that normal? (photos)

Please Please Please help. I had liposuction done 5 months ago and I sill have lumpiness. I keep on going back to the surgeon and every time they say... READ MORE

Ugly irregularities of lipo after 28 days, will this improve over time by itself? (photos)

Along this 28 days, i did 9 ultrasound and Manual lymphatic drainage, i used a compression garment and a foam to prevent folds every day, without... READ MORE

I am considering on getting ilipo, lipo laser or ultrasonic cavitation which one would give me the best results? (photos)

I have a small trouble area in my abdomen, I am a mother of two kids my youngest one just turned one. I have dieted and exercise but nothing works. I... READ MORE

I have keloid skin. If I remove a adipose tissue from the center of my forehead; will a keloid form in its place?

I currently live in South Korea. I have consulted with a plastic surgeon and an ultra sound confirms I have fatty tissue deposit in the middle of my... READ MORE

Wondering about Liposuction of the armpit (Photo)

Was wondering if it is possible to have the fatty deposit, that I am very self conscious of, lipoed from my armpit. It has been ultrasounded and is... READ MORE

What is the best cavitation device?

What is the best cavitation device? Ultrasound, radio frequency or other & why? What to look for before doing this. I want to do my homework. I am not... READ MORE

Are ultrasound and cortisone shots helpful after Liposuction?

I had lipo done 2 weeks ago right around my belly button. My Dr. realizes that the lumps around my belly button are quite large and hard. He gave me a... READ MORE

What can get rid of the look of fibrosis after liposuction? (photos)

It has been 1 year and this scar tissue is just putting my self steem down. Fat graft? Steroids injections (can I ask my dermatologist for that since... READ MORE

Is this botched or normal? Post-op lipo 1 month (Photos)

Had liposculpture done...I have bumps and lumps, still numb in certain areas, and still swollen. I'm doing massages and ultrasound cavitation. Will I... READ MORE

Is it possible that cavitation ultrasound could make me look worse?

I have had treatment on my abdomen and it now looks worse than before the treatment. I was told that my fat was hard and that the cavitation... READ MORE

Should Ultrasound Be Used Right After Lipo Surgery?

I want lipo sculture, I was told to get therapy afterwards, should I let them use ultrasound machines right after the procedure?? isn't this applying... READ MORE

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