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Empty Area Below Buttocks After Liposuction

I had inner and outer thigh liposuction done 6 weeks ago and I have this odd hanging area underneath my buttocks (both sides). I don't notice it... READ MORE

Lipo-Ex Side Effects- Hard Bump, Red and Tender. (photo)

I have had 3 Lipo-Ex treatments of the abdomen. The first 2 were without pain.side effects. However, the third I had a different technician and felt... READ MORE

I have numbness and tenderness across my lower back after liposuction. Is this normal?

I had liposuction from my stomach and back, then transferred to my butt on March 6 2014. About 2 weeks later i started feeling numbness And tenderness... READ MORE

Tenderness and Tightness After Liposuction and Inner Leg Lift

My plastic surgeon has given up and passed me off. I have tenderness and tightness where he went agressive on liposuction on my inner thighs as I... READ MORE

Lipomatic on abdomen and upper body. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have done Lipomatic on my upper body 7 weeks ago. I feel my abdomen is not as flat as it should be after lipo and the doctor has not removed enough... READ MORE

Tightness and Tenderness After Liposuction

Hi I had waist & thigh liposuction 4 weeks ago, during the surgery I lost allot of blood & had to have 6 transfusions, after the surgery I... READ MORE

Are there any plastic surgeons near atlanta that specialize in lipedema liposuction contouring? (Photo)

I workout 12+ hours a week and eat well.. My upper body is in great shape.. But my lower legs just never seem to go away. I also have lots of pain and... READ MORE

Can Areas Not Treated with Lipo Swell Too?

Hello, I am 3 days post-op. I had liposuction on my lower abdomen to remove my persistent "muffin top." My PS removed 200 cc's of fat from that area.... READ MORE

Redness/tenderness from Lipo on Hips? (photo)

I had liposculpture performed about 3.5 weeks ago on my love handles and flanks, but one side is much more swollen and red than the other. What is... READ MORE

7 Yrs Ago I Had Liposuction of my Outer Thighs and I Am Still Sensitive. Is This Normal?

I had liposuction on my outer thighs and stomach 7 years ago. I am still tender and feel bruised on my outer thighs. Is this something that is normal?... READ MORE

4 week post op still in pain and tender legs. Is this normal?

I got lipo on thighs done under general anesthesia 4 l was removed surgery lasted 4 hours. I'm 4 week post op and still in pain there are lumps in my... READ MORE

Wearing a Bra Constantly After 4 Months of Liposuction of Breast Gives Me Bruise Like Pain. Kindly Advise

4 months back I had liposuction of the left breast. Had minor complications but resolved now. The problem is that I also had the size of my areola... READ MORE

Lipo on Side and Back of Legs 2 Months Ago and Legs Still Very Tender?

I had lipo 2 months ago on the sides and back of my legs and the back of my legs are still very tender to touch. It's even uncomfortable to sit for... READ MORE

What do u think? Lipo love handles, thighs some abs (Photo)

I still have some numbness & tender to the touch on love handles. I really hope this means that I am still to expect some change. I am disappointed &... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a small hard tender bruise 13 days after liposuction to my abdomen? (photos)

I'm 13 days out and still swollen but concerned about a hard bruise by my belly button. I wear a garment with a foam pad under every day and night. READ MORE

Is it normal for the abdomen to be hard and protruding 5 weeks for abdomen liposuction?

I am now 5 weeks post abdomen liposuction. My abdomen still protrudes out a lot in the upper and lower regions. Its a smoother contour but I still... READ MORE

What kind of massage do I need to get rid of the lumpy belly? Ultrasonic cavitation? (Photos)

I had surgery on June 7th, 2016. I had liposuction in my belly and all my back, after several lymphatic drainage massages im free of fluids but my... READ MORE

How can I treat skin necrosis/lipo burns? (photos)

I have skin damage. Im not sure if it was post op garment or procedure. My flanks or very tender and skin feels paper thin. READ MORE

Is this area of swelling at 10 wk post op lipo normal? Should I be concerned? Is there something I should do? (photos)

10 wks post lipo (TT was 2013) I have excessive consistant swelling on RH hip. Tissue was firm but has started to soften a little. It is still a... READ MORE

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