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Numbness After Lipo?

I had lipo 4 months ago and the spot under my belly button is still numb. Most of the other numbness is gone but this particular spot did not gain any... READ MORE

Hardness and Numbness 16 Weeks After Liposuction

16 weeks after liposuction, my stomach still feels hard and numb, and there are soft lumps on my flanks, is this normal? My stomach continues to feel... READ MORE

8 day post op of Liposuction, I feel itchy. Is this normal? (photo)

I had lipo on my saddlebags 8days ago and it went really well, but occasionally in the areas that I had lipo, it gets really itchy. It's just started... READ MORE

Periodic Numbness and Shooting Pain 7 Weeks After Lipo. Is This Normal?

Seems to be healing well, except every hour or so I get a shooting pain in 2 areas of my abdomen. Both areas as still a bit swollen. THose are the... READ MORE

What to Expect 6 Weeks After Lipo? My Abs Are Hard/Numb? Will Ultrasound help? (photo)

1200cc Removed- Min. Results- Lipo Lwr Abs Muffin Top on 8.7.12 My Dr told me that I was 20% swollen, that I was seeing my result. He was pleased at... READ MORE

Numbing Solution in Fixing Dents and Lumps from Liposuction?

About 2 years ago, I had Liposuction done on my thighs and flanks. I ended up with a few dents and lumps. Recently, I went to a different doctor for a... READ MORE

When Can I Resume Exercising and Will my Body Be As Firm As It Used to Be Before the Liposuction?

I'm a 38 year old female, mother of two. I had a liposuction surgery on the 21st of Nov. 3.5 liters of fat were removed from my abdomen, flanks and... READ MORE

Normal for Lumps and Numbness to Remain 16 Weeks After Lipo?

Hard stomach, numbness and hard and soft lumps remain 16 weeks after lipo. Is it normal to have stomach remain hard and numb and for soft and hard... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Liposuction, Skin is Hard and Warm to Touch?

I had liposuction on my flanks and belly and my belly is warm and my flanks are hard and numb yet very warm and hot to touch. Skin is very itchy yet I... READ MORE

Fat in Private Area Would Prevent Reaching Orgasm?

I was shocked to hear that from my plastic surgeon , i looked it up cant find anyhing ... How true is that , is it risky to do lipo in my private area... READ MORE

Flanks Abdomen Lipo 42 Days Ago. Still a Bit Numb at Waist Line. Normal?

Had Flanks and Abdomen Lipo 42 days ago. Had general anesthesia and stitches . I was wearing compression garment and a foam pad for 37 days. I'm Still... READ MORE

Numbness in my Right Arm After Liposuction

Three weeks ago I had undergone a lipo on multipple areas such as arms,back, stomach, and around the waist with the following fat graftiong to the... READ MORE

I am 3 months post-op. When will the tightness in my lower back and sides will go away? (Photo)

My lower back and sides still feel tight if i go to stretch along with a mild burning. When will it go away? i still feel some burning and numb spots... READ MORE

Can a personal radio frequency device be beneficial after liposuction?

I had liposuction 17 days ago. Previous to my procedure i purchased a small, personal radio frequency device. I used it a little and did notice... READ MORE

Swollen and Numb After Laser Lipo

This is my 3rd time having laser lipo done on my waist and upper arms. The diff is, in the past, i did incured a great amount of pain but this time, i... READ MORE

2 months post op arm Liposuction, I don't see any result and my arm is still big. Any suggestions? (photos)

2 months post op. I have seroma, my arms look bigger than before i had my lipo. Doctor said he took out a lot of fat. My upper arms still numb. When... READ MORE

Do I have to wear garment more than 3 weeks and what is the best think to do with swelling, do I have to use diuretic ?

I'm 32 year old I Did liposuction in my abdomen,chest and flanks 3 weeks ago and I've wearied garment for 3 weeks but there is still a little of... READ MORE

I have numbness and tenderness across my lower back after liposuction. Is this normal?

I had liposuction from my stomach and back, then transferred to my butt on March 6 2014. About 2 weeks later i started feeling numbness And tenderness... READ MORE

Upper Thight Numbness 10 Months After TT, Will It Affect Lipo of Thigh?

Hello, I had a full TT with lipo of flanks last November which I very happy with. I have the usual numbness is center of stomach and my rt upper thigh... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post Necktite lipo and have lumps on my face. Will they reduce in time? I've lost feeling in that area too (Photo)

Have slightly lopsided face well actually more lumpy on larger side . I am 3 weeks post op and still little feeling in the area What are the chances... READ MORE

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