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3 Weeks After the Liposuction, Shouldn't I Be Seeing Some Improvement By This Time? (Photos)

I've been reading this website religiously and most Doctors suggested that final result won't kick in till 6 to 8 months, but had mentioned... READ MORE

Liposuction Results with Half a Liter of Fat Removed

Tumescent lipo about 4 days ago for my abdomen and flanks. Little more than half a liter of fat removed. Is that too little? Already at my ideal... READ MORE

4 Weeks After Lipo but I Don't See Much Different Than Pre-op. is This Normal?

I had my abdomen and the flanks done about 4 weeks ago but i see no result. is this normal? when can i see my result? READ MORE

90 Days After Lipo, is This Swelling Permanent? (photo)

I had liposuction, not sure the exact type of procedure, on my flanks, 90 days ago (the doctor said he removed 400grams). I still have puffy flanks,... READ MORE

Micro Lipo on my Neck 3 Weeks Ago and There's Still No Change? (photo)

My surgeon told me that i would see results at 1 month but that is only a week away so i don't see how this is going to change that much in that... READ MORE

Not Much Results After Liposuction? (photo)

I had liposuction on January 26th. My biggest problem areas were my tummy and back. They however are not showing much improvement. I discussed this... READ MORE

I Got Lipo to my Outer & Inner Thigh and Banana Roll 1 Month Ago, Why Dont I See a Difference?

I got liposuction approximately 1 month ago to my outer thigh, inner thigh and banana roll but i have seen absolutely no change in shape or even in... READ MORE

5 Months After Liposuction I'm the Same Size I was Before, Why Would this be? (photo)

I had liposuction done 8.25.11. When it was done I swelled up about 3 sizes bigger. It has gone down now ( 5 months later) but I the same size I was... READ MORE

I had severely aggressive full body liposuction, and do not look any different after 10 months. How is this possible? (Photo)

10 full months after having had severely aggressive full body liposuction, I do not look, feel or weigh any different than I did prior to the surgery.... READ MORE

Almost 14 Weeks After I Had my Lipolite on my Tummy and Still Absolutely No Change at All. Is This Normal?

I am 5ft 2 and weigh around 53-54 kilos.. and no chaned in weight at all either. please help! is there a chance that something will happen in the future? READ MORE

10 days post liposuction of abdomen and flanks, no change. Is this right?

I am 10 days post op and although I see a huge improvement of the flanks, my abdomen sees no change at all. The area is not hard, still soft and... READ MORE

Disappointment after liposuction. Why would the fat be too hard to remove? (photo)

I've just had liposuction on my abdomen, outer and inner thighs. When I asked the surgeon said he was only able to remove 700 ml of fat in total from... READ MORE

Compression Garment and Liposuction Results

I just had lipo on my stomach area, and inner and outer thighs. I had the surgery on the 18th of March but I still haven't seen any change at all. I... READ MORE

Did He Miss the Fat? Lipo 5 Days Ago on Back Rolls? (photo)

I had liposuction 5 days ago to my middle back roll. On day 3 i took the garment off to shower and my back was very tight but I still had the roll... READ MORE

I Had Liposuction Twice for the Same Area with No Result At all, Why?

Now its 2 months after the second surgery please hellp me to know why READ MORE

3 days post lipo 500ml or less removed, it looks like nothing was taken out. Is it normal to have this little taken out? (Photo)

I know im a little bit swollen but i paid 6 grand to have flanks upper and lower abdomen and outer thighs dont and it looks and feels the same hardly... READ MORE

armpit Lipo done , (not arms) , but my doctor did NOT recommended any garment , was it wise to follow his advise ?

At week 5 post op i don't see any improvement on armpit lipo, dr did not recommended any garment for my armpit area, was it wise to follow his advise... READ MORE

I Had Liposuction on my Abdominal and Flanks Area. I Am 4 Weeks in Now and Still Look the Same As I Did Before the Op?

I have been measuring myself and my measurements are the same and I also weigh the same as I did before the op after 4 weeks in from my surgery. Is... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post-op Liposuction: No Results

I 'm 31 female, my butt measure before the procedure was 44 inches and 162 lbs weight, I had liposuction done on my butt, front thighs and inner knees... READ MORE

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