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Lipo 1 Wk Ago. Compression Garment is Creasing Between Hips, Waist and is Dented and Painful, Should I Stop Wearing It?

Lipo of abs and flank with fat transfer, one week ago. First garment was ex. small and was denting/creasing between waist and hips. It has become very... READ MORE

Lines, Ridges, and Wrinkling 2 Weeks After Abdominal Lipo?

I had abdominal lipo about 2 weeks ago. At first when I took off the bandages, I thought it looked fine. Then, I began to swell for about a week,... READ MORE

Can my Butt Crease Be Fixed?

I had liposuction on my outer and inner thighs four months ago. At first, I thought these grooves were caused by the compression garment and thought... READ MORE

Liposuction to Buttocks, Is this a Bad Idea for Me? (photo)

I am getting liposuction to my inner and outer thighs and possibly buttocks. I have always disliked the shape of my bum. In particular there is a... READ MORE I Am 3 Weeks Post Thigh Liposuction and I Have a 'Crease'

I was looking at the back of my thighs in the mirror and on both thighs I have a 'crease' line as though someone's folded my skin like a... READ MORE

Stomach Folds - Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

I am 24 years old, but I've had this problem since I was 16. I have 2 stomach folds that crease where my belly button is at. In the past 6 months... READ MORE

Are Creases Formed by the Post-Op Garment Normal and Will They Go Away?

I had my bra area and love handles done 11 days ago and the areas ive treated are still numbed and creases have formed in a couple of areas, is that... READ MORE

How can I prevent indentations, lines or creases after lipo? Just had it done one month ago, 6/14/14. (Photo)

Is there something I can do differently to prevent the lines/indentations? Am I healing correctly? I'm very worried about permanent... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Repair Double Gluteal Crease? (Photos)

After what was supposed to be a minor liposuction on my outer thighs, I was left with a double gluteal fold on both legs. The right side is clearly... READ MORE

Indurated Fluid and Creases Six Months Later

I had liposuction nearly 6 months ago to my abdomen and flanks. About 2 weeks later a crease appeared just below my bellybutton and below it's... READ MORE

I Have a Double Crease Below my Butt Can I Have Lipo to Remove the Lower Crease and Reshape?

My butt looks long I have to wear spanxs all the time even w jeans my butt folds in 2 upper crease and a lower nasty crease READ MORE

How to Permanently Fill Crease Under Buttocks Left by Liposuction

What is the best way to fill the crease under the buttocks left by liposuction? If fat grafting is used, how many times would one have to repeat the... READ MORE

Should I Let my Plastic Surgeon Remove the Excess Skin to Help Diminish the Deep Crease Under my Butt? (photo)

I got lipo 2 years ago and was left with a crease 2 inch below my gluteal fold on the right side. My PS did two revisions wear he took more fat... READ MORE

Fat Grafting After Buttocks Liposuction

I had a buttocks liposuction around 3 weeks ago, after the swellings went down i have 2 quite deep creases at each side,1 where my buttocks crease is... READ MORE

What to Do for the Creasing the Garment Does in my Stomach? (photo)

It id bothering me, i am 3 days post liposuction and i have this crease in my hip when i took a shower my skin had the same shape will this affect my... READ MORE

I have a crease on the thigh and saggy butt. Any suggestions? (photos)

I wanted to get rid of minor banana rolls under butt, my PS suggested getting "definition" under the butt. After the procedure I realized he suctioned... READ MORE

Had Outer Thigh Liposuction - Now Have Crease Between Butt and Thighs and Butt Looks Large

I had liposuction done on my outer thighs. Now - from the side - it appears as though my butt is larger because there is no smoothe contour to the... READ MORE

Double Crease on Buttock After Lipo

I had tumescent lipo on my thighs--inner, outer, gluteal fold. It's 3 months after and I have some sort of "double butt-cheek" on my... READ MORE

I Have a Crease Under my Belly Button About Two Inches Long After Liposuction-- It is a Half Inch Below my Belly Button?

I Have a Crease Under my Belly Button About Two Inches Long After Liposuction-- It is a Half Inch Below my Belly Button READ MORE

Crease above belly button after liposuction in the tummy and hips/flanks, what is going on here?

It has been two weeks since my surgery, which, I realize is not enough time to see full results. But, there was a crease above my belly from day 1. My... READ MORE

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