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Can I Drink Alcohol 5th Day Post Op Liposuction

Can I Drink Alcohol 5th Day Post Op Liposuction READ MORE

Does Alcohol Have an Affect on Recovery from Lipo (photo)

It has been 8 weeks since I had lipo from mid section to my knees, I am a 42 yrs old mother of 3 I have always enjoyed a drink once or twice a week, I... READ MORE

Alcohol consumption before liposuction under general anesthesia.

How risky is it to consume alcohol in the days prior to a liposuction procedure of arms and midsection? (under general anesthesia) My surgery is... READ MORE

Sore throat before liposuction. Is Chloraspetic safe to take 1 week before surgery?

I have liposuction scheduled in a week and today I developed a sore throat. Are chloraseptic lozenges and sprays safe to take? I know you're not... READ MORE

Does drinking alcohol after liposuction permanently compromise the results?

I didn't know not to drink alcohol for a couple of weeks after liposuction, so I have been. I'm at 2-1/2 weeks post-op and I'm wondering if I've... READ MORE

Why is Alcohol Prohibited During Ultracontour Treatments?

What is the connection between Ultracontour and drinking alcochol (wine, for instance)? I ve been told that during the Ultracontour treatment (3-4... READ MORE

Will Beer Cause Me to Swell More?

Hey all, I had lipo of abdomen 12 days ago. This upcoming Thursday (16 days post op) I'm going to a concert in Asheville and am wondering what will... READ MORE

I had alcohol consumption 7 weeks after Liposuction. Is it okay to drink alcohol now?

I've had liposuction on my love handles, tummy area and fat grafting to my butt area, about 7 weeks ago. I am looking almost completely flat as I was... READ MORE

Smoking, alcohol and lipo

If I'm only getting liposuction do I still need to stop two weeks before surgery? If so can I use a vapor pen in the meanwhile? And what's the... READ MORE

Big travel on April (road trip for 6 months) 2 months after Liposuction. Some restrictions? (read details) 27 years old!

Think to have lipo in abdominal in the begining of Feb, doctor says will be not big In this trip i will not have always best conditions to rest and... READ MORE

I am 15 days post op. I had a lot of fluid on my lower abdomen removed. How can I stop the fluid from building back?

My PS is not available but instructed a doctor today to place a small catheter so I can suction the fluid myself until I see him again after the... READ MORE

Last Meal?

I've been monitoring my diet well in these 30 days prior to my tummy/inner thigh/back/arm lipo. I'm scheduled for tomorrow at 730am. What are your... READ MORE

When can I consume alcohol and smoke after liposuction?

I've had liposuction to the arms. I was awake during surgery and I am not on antibiotics or painkillers, just tylenol. I'm a smoker. And I smoked a... READ MORE

I'm weighing if I should keep working out or should I just save up and get lipo? (photos)

I'm having a hard time losing belly and chest fat. I eat out less by a large matter. I drink water and on occasion I have juice or a diet soda. Also... READ MORE

Will one light beer hurt me if I drink it 24 hours before surgery?

Will 1 light beer hurt me if before 24hours of surgery time. READ MORE

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