Does Alcohol Have an Affect on Recovery from Lipo (photo)

It has been 8 weeks since I had lipo from mid section to my knees, I am a 42 yrs old mother of 3 I have always enjoyed a drink once or twice a week, I do not drink daily 6 weeks after my surgery I started to comsume alcohol ocasionally I recently notice that I am more swollen , sore and tender somedays more then others, I do exercise & eat healthy yet I am starting to look heavy as if I did not have any work done . Is drinking slowing down the healing process and making bigger? ??

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Alcohol post surgery

Alcohol thins the blood, slows healing, and increases bruising. Patients should stop drinking at least 1 week before surgery, and abstain for 1 week after or longer if you are taking narcotic pain medications.  Longer term an occasional drink is possible unless you are on medications in which case you will need to consult your surgeon.

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At 8 weeks post op liposuction, alcohol is likely not a factor.

Alcohol is of much greater concern immediately before and after liposuction.  If the alcohol you are consuming also includes calories, it may have an affect on your results if you are gaining weight.

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Alcohol 8 weeks after lipo?

Some doctors will say yes, but my opinion is no, in those amounts at this time. Join a gym and do areobic exercise at least 3 days a week, like treadmill, exercise bike and stair-master. Daily is even better. Is there a Jazzercise nearby? Check it out. Everyone needs to do some kind of regular exercise to stay fit. Find a way to make it fun!  Dr Foster

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