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When Can You Exercise After Liposuction?

At 50, and active, will it do any harm to go back to my martial arts physical activities a couple of times a week, after the first 5-7 days? READ MORE

Liposuction Cost for Double Chin

Hi, I am a healthy, 45 year old female. I have always been thin. The problem I have that concerns me the most is fat accumulating under my chin. How... READ MORE

What is the Best Choice for my Dimpled Belly? (photo)

Seven years ago I had liposuction for my stomach. Five years ago I had a total hysterectomy. I have gained seven pounds in seven years. My stomach... READ MORE

Are Multiple Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Safe?

I am a healthy 47 year old female considering having the following cosmetic surgery procedures performed at once: 1. Gummy bear breast augmentation... READ MORE

Lipo on Inner Thighs, Will It Make Your Thighs Saggy?

I want to know if lipo on my inner thighs will tighten them or make them saggy. I'm 54 years old. READ MORE

Laser Liposuction for Male Double Chin

I'm a 46-year-old male. I had laser liposuction on my lower abs and flanks. I am now considering it on my chin/neck. My physician is concerned that... READ MORE

Is Laser or Vaser Lipo Better for the Upper Arms?

I am 50 years old and am considering lipo of my upper arms. I am not over weight at all but have never thought my arms are in proportion to my petite... READ MORE

Look Great Standing and Ugly Sitting 3.5 Months Post Lipo Without Tummy Tuck?

I am 3.5 months post. I did lipo w/o a tummy tuck. Looks great standing up. When I sit, I feel miserable unless I have a girdle, compression garment... READ MORE

45 Year Old Guy with Very Big Belly - Please Help

I am a 45 years male and have a very large belly how could I get rid off it .and would it be safe surgery really gives me a nervous reck. please help READ MORE

What Should I Do if I have Fluid Retention Around Belly Button 2 Years Post-Op Liposuction?

45 year old male. got a liposuction 2 years ago but since then I have noticed there is an area which feels and looks a bit inflamed, when i touch it,... READ MORE

Lipo to the Back of the Thighs

Im having lipo of the inner and outer thighs. During my PreOp my ps said woman in their 20's show the most success. I'm 46, fairly thin, and... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post-lipo, Troubling Results? (photo)

Male, 49, reasonable shape, had lipo on my belly 7 weeks ago. Photos are attached showing the results. A sharp indentation just below stomach, then... READ MORE

DNP Deformity After Liposuction

Ok, after less than satisfactory results the first time I posted (except from Dr. Peter Aldea) I am trying this again, except this time with pictures.... READ MORE

Liposuction Risk when Scar Tissue on Hip

I have scar tissue on one hip, right in the "saddlebag" area (a patch about 2.5" in diameter) from a bad fall back in my 20's. (It was... READ MORE

3 Months Post Op Liposuction Inner/outer Thighs and Knees? (photo)

What is my next step. The liposuction did reduce the size of my thighs/sandlebags and inner knee. I am plagued with loose skin and cellulite. I work... READ MORE

Loose Skin After Liposuction

Tomorrow is week 6 after tummy lipo. I'm 46 yrs. old (no kids) and was in excellent athletic shape before the procedure. I am stuck with what my... READ MORE

I'm 45 yrs old with a BMI of 40. Is there any procedure I can have done to reduce my 50 inch waistline? (photos)

I've contacted a plastic surgeon regarding a tummy tuck only to be stopped at the receptionist and told, the doctor would not operate on a patient... READ MORE

How anemic is too anemic for surgery, e.g., LBL w/ liposuction of saddlebags?

I'm 49 years old, had R&Y gastric bypass in May '12, & lost about 115 lbs. Routine tests showed low iron levels, more tests showed 9.6 hemoglobin & a... READ MORE

10 years after liposuction, why did my fat come back?

I had liposuction in 2006 on my stomach, I'm 45 and this past year it all came back, plus. Why did that happen? And, can I have it again? READ MORE

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