Lipoma Removal from the Back of a Female Patient (GRAPHIC)

This patient had a lipoma (a fatty growth) on her shoulder area which she wanted removed. Lipomas are usually benign and can be removed right in the office. VIEW NOW

Lipoma Removal Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

Dr Fearmonti demonstrates removal of a Lipoma, or benign (noncancerous) soft tissue mass in those patient. Pain, enlargement of the mass, or location in a cosmetically sensitive area are reasons for removal. VIEW NOW

Lipoma Excision Procedure Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

Excision of a lipoma on a patient. Benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. We use a certain and small technique to alleviate any scaring. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains Lipoma Removal

Dr. Darrick Antell discusses the different ways that lipomas can be removed from the body. VIEW NOW


Lumps and Bumps — The Doctor Explains His Approach to Lesion Removal

Many people develop small lumps and bumps (lesions) on the face or body that bother them from a cosmetic perspective. Dr. Rodger Short talks about what you need to know about their removal. VIEW NOW

Removing an Osteoma: The Doctor Explains the Process (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Sirius K. Yoo explains what an osteoma is and what can be done to remove it. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Removes a Lipoma From This Woman's Chin

Dr. Tranveer Janjua explains what a chin lipoma is and marks the area for excision. See this woman's results 3 months after surgery. VIEW NOW

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Lipoma Removal — Have the Procedure Explained and See It For Yourself (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Karthik Ram explains how he helps those suffering from lipoma. Watch a surgery and see before and after photos. VIEW NOW


What Are Contour Irregularities and How Can I Avoid Them?

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the crosshatching technique that should be used during a liposuction procedure to avoid contour irregularities. VIEW NOW