Lipoma Removal Videos

Lipoma Removal Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

Dr Fearmonti demonstrates removal of a Lipoma, or benign (noncancerous) soft tissue mass in those patient. Pain, enlargement of the mass, or location in a cosmetically sensitive area are reasons for removal. VIEW NOW

Lipoma Excision Procedure Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

Excision of a lipoma on a patient. Benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. We use a certain and small technique to alleviate any scaring. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains Lipoma Removal

Dr. Darrick Antell discusses the different ways that lipomas can be removed from the body. VIEW NOW


Lumps and Bumps — The Doctor Explains His Approach to Lesion Removal

Many people develop small lumps and bumps (lesions) on the face or body that bother them from a cosmetic perspective. Dr. Rodger Short talks about what you need to know about their removal. VIEW NOW

Removing an Osteoma: The Doctor Explains the Process (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Sirius K. Yoo explains what an osteoma is and what can be done to remove it. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Removes a Lipoma From This Woman's Chin

Dr. Tranveer Janjua explains what a chin lipoma is and marks the area for excision. See this woman's results 3 months after surgery. VIEW NOW

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Lipoma Removal — Have the Procedure Explained and See It For Yourself (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Karthik Ram explains how he helps those suffering from lipoma. Watch a surgery and see before and after photos. VIEW NOW


What Are Contour Irregularities and How Can I Avoid Them?

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the crosshatching technique that should be used during a liposuction procedure to avoid contour irregularities. VIEW NOW