Hematoma + Lipoma Removal

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Is It a Bad Idea to Become Pregnant Before Seroma Has Fully Resolved?

I had a fairly large (10cm x 10cm) non-encapsulated lipoma removed from the back of my thigh about a month ago. Surgeon advised it had grown a little... READ MORE

I have a numb hard sack under the incision from my lipoma surgery. (Photo)

Nine days ago I had a 3cm lipoma removed from my chin. Because there was no real pain I have only been taking Advil. I now have a hard numb sack... READ MORE

Hematoma on Thigh with No Pain or Bruising?

I went to the er about 2 months ago because out nowhere I rubbed my inner thigh And felt a lump...the dctor at the er said it was a hematom and that... READ MORE

What are the consequences if I do not let my large hematoma be drained?

I had a lipoma operation two weeks ago - large ( around 1.2 kg and scar is ~25cm long ). Had a drain in for four days and by the last day the drain... READ MORE

I had a softball-sized lipoma removed from my lower back.Now I have that size of a hematoma that is painful & bothersome.(photo)

1st postop moved to 1 week post-op bc light-headed, dizzy & felt awful.Told me I was simply recovering.The next week I had surgeon draw off fluid; he... READ MORE

I had surgery Monday on my left lower back for a hematoma. They informed me it was in fact a lipoma incident was 2 years ago

Everything was fine till thursday,ive been milking the drain so it it wouldnt get stoped up just as they instructed.well now im swollen so seviere in... READ MORE

Heat Compress Causing More Swelling After Removal of a Sebarceous Cyst?

I had a procedure done to remove a sebaceous cyst above my left eyebrow, after the surgery a hematoma formed and after about 4 weeks of treatment it... READ MORE

After massaging and applying warm wrap post op lipoma lump becomes soft and sore. Hematoma or scar tissue? (photo)

For the last week I have been massaging amd applying warm wrap to hard lump that appeared post op on forehead... when I do this the lump becomes soft... READ MORE

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