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What Can Be Done About Painful Lipomas in Leg?

I have lipomas in my leg. I used to only have one but now I have three: two in one leg and one in the other. When I work out, the area around there... READ MORE

Downtime After Lipoma Removal

When can I go back to work and exercise after a large size lipoma on right side of body? READ MORE

Will Going to Workout in Gym Reduce Multiple Lipomas?

Legs ,Arms , Abdomen,Buttocks , Neck,Spinal Cord area,Chest ,Hips Approx i have 300 multiple lipomas all over my body.I have already undergone two... READ MORE

How Soon After Lipoma Removal Can You Resume Exercise?

I have three lipomas on legs one is 4cm and i would like to have them removed. how soon after removal can i resume my exercise routine? READ MORE

I just had a small lipoma removed from my groin/ inner thigh & smaller one from low Buttock . How long before I can exercise?

I practice Ashtanga yoga and it is very vigorous and the legs need to move in all directions and stretched out a lot. I also cycle / sim and do squats... READ MORE

Will Exercise Affect the Size of my Lipoma?

Upper extremitie lower extremitis,some in back... READ MORE

Large lipoma removal - what to expect?

I am having a large lipoma removed from my back near my shoulder blade. It is approximately 9 x 6 inches. I am being put under general anesthesia. I... READ MORE

I have a large lipoma on my right forehead. I am going to have surgery in two weeks. What can I expect for a recovery period ?

How long will I need to be off work ? I have to lift around 25 pounds daily. How long before I can resume going to the gym ? READ MORE

Should I wait to remove lipoma?

Half dollar size lipoma forming on the right scapula. Located where my bra strap sits,not visible but can feel it. The surgeon said it is deeper than... READ MORE

What are the risks doing Lipoma removal for the fourth time?

This is the fourth time. This time it is not the same one, but a little off to the side of shoulder blade. My primary dr warned me of going in too... READ MORE

I have a lipoma in my right-hand wrist preventing me from working out, what are my options?

I wanna remove so what should I do? And Should I leave the exercise I mean I'm doing kinda body building so I think the lipoma preventing me from it,... READ MORE

I have lipomas. Could they be caused by trauma?

I have found over the past year lumps in my thigh area. I am generally very fit. My doctor has just said they may be Lipomas and to monitor them. I... READ MORE

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