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Drain and Recovery After Lipoma Removal

I have a large lipoma on my lower back that hurts me. My doctor says that I will need a drain after my surgery. How long will I have to keep the drain... READ MORE

Fist Size Lipoma Removed - Hole Remains From Drainage Tube

I recently had a fist sized lipoma removed from the upper back on the right. After the removal of the lipoma, a tube draining blood was inserted, what... READ MORE

Lipoma removal tomorrow. What to expect?

Under general anesthesia. I have lipoma on my right shoulder near my bra is going to be removed under general anesthesia.its size is 3.9... READ MORE

Is Drainage Normal 3 Weeks After Surgery?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a lipoma tumor from my back. I'm still having swelling pain and drainage Is this normal READ MORE

When Will Lipoma Drainage Close Up and Stop?

Recently had a large lipoma removed from upper leg. Football shape, 8"long and 3" deep & wide. Surgeon inserted a penrose drain and at 4... READ MORE

One month after axillary lipoma removal from armpit - should I still see this much fluid drainage? (Photo)

I had 2 lipomas removed from my armpits 1 month ago. Drain came out on day 7 with less than 15 cc of fluid. The incision has left me with a flap and... READ MORE

Large Lipoma removal recovery estimates? How much pain, drainage, time off work?

I have a Lipoma on my neck and shoulder which is approximately 12x17x20 Centimeters . I have had it about 10 years and thought it was related to a... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my thigh. One month later I have a large amount of fluid build up. Why won't my PS drain it?

I have seen my surgeon three times. Told him it hurts to even sit down. He just says check back in a week.Why will he not drain it. It is three times... READ MORE

What are the consequences if I do not let my large hematoma be drained?

I had a lipoma operation two weeks ago - large ( around 1.2 kg and scar is ~25cm long ). Had a drain in for four days and by the last day the drain... READ MORE

Getting Back in Shape?

I had a lipoma removed from my upper back 24x17x4cm,still draining. Going to start a wound vac. I need a workout plan to tighten up my whole body My... READ MORE

Lipoma has been removed and drained once but has reopened and is now bleeding. (photo)

I had my 2nd lipoma removed a month ago and had the fluid drained last week as well as stitches removed. since then it slowly started to hurt and... READ MORE

Lipoma on spine has been removed, but continues to fill up after being drained. Suggestions? Will it ever go down? (Photos)

I had a lipoma fatty tumor on the base of my spine size of lemon. It was not tethered but was deep. I have had it drained once where he got 63cc's out... READ MORE

I had a small lipoma removed from back of my neck. Sutures and glue to close .

I still have lump over top of incision. Also have small amount of drainage. Rest of incision is closed.It's been 8 wks. Should I go back to Dr. Have... READ MORE

Reoccurring Lipoma and getting infected - root cause? (photo)

I had lipomas across my body (varied sizes). a year back, i had an infection in the thigh lipoma (in inch dia) & got it operated. again there was... READ MORE

How to Remove Fluid Already Collected Under Skin

I did the operation for removing a lipoma one month ago the last two weeks i felt there is fluid collected under the skin which i feel not comfortable... READ MORE

Drainage After a Lipoma Surgery

I had a lipoma removed on my middle back towards my right side. The doctors kept a drain in for about 6 days. The next week i went back to the doctor... READ MORE

4 Years After Removing Lipoma from Thigh, Still Needing to Drain Fluid and Remove Calcified Fat, When Will it Heal?

I had to go back in for more fluid removal a couple times. This strange lump formed below where the lipoma was removed I had a plastic srgeon remve... READ MORE

Why am I having so much drainage after lipoma removal?

I had a multiple lipoma removed from both the hands and both thighs using liposuction techniques with minimal scars.Post operation I had a swelling on... READ MORE

I had a Lipoma removed on my upper thigh and after 3 weeks it still is not better.

After removal it swollen up worst and was draining. He put a drainage tube and then it was draining on my clothes even with a bandage on it. After 3... READ MORE

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