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Large Bump After Lipoma Surgery- What Could This Be?

3 weeks ago I had a lipoma removed. The stitches were removed 9 days after surgery. I developed a bump about 1 in. diameter, which is 2-3 times as was... READ MORE

Is Drainage Normal 3 Weeks After Surgery?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a lipoma tumor from my back. I'm still having swelling pain and drainage Is this normal READ MORE

I have a bulge after 4x5inch Lipoma Removal off of Rib Cage. Any suggestion? (photos)

I had a 4x5 inch lipoma removed in the dr's office 2 1/2 weeks ago. When the dr cut in, it was much deeper than she thought protruding between bottom... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Fluid Building Up Over and Over 3 Weeks After Lipoma Removal? (photo)

I had a lipoma removed from my upper rectus abdominus on March 7, 2012. I have been back to my doctor twice because the area around the cut has become... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed from my buttock 3 wks ago & it looks as though it was never removed. It's swollen & hard. Is this normal?

Before it was removed it was a bump that was visible through pants, and now it still looks like that, maybe even larger. It was somewhat hard before,... READ MORE

I had a Lipoma taken out from the side of my stomach and it got real hard and lumpy.

My dermatologist tried draining but hardly any blood came out, its now 3 weeks later and its so hard and it hurts , My dermatologist said all he can... READ MORE

Still Have Pain After Lipomas Removed a Month Ago

I had three non encapsulated lipomas removed from rear of left leg, just above knee joint. Doc said exercise was fine after a week and I waited three.... READ MORE

Lipoma removal has left large indent in my arm. Normal? Is there anything to fix the large caved in area on my arm? (photo)

I had lipoma surgery 3 weeks ago, and it has left a huge caved in area on my upper left arm. The incision is about an inch and a half. The lipoma was... READ MORE

Does incision site look normal? (Photo)

As of today 10/17/15 I am 4 days shy of 3 weeks post op. Lateral incision was infected, my Thotacic lipoma site is very itchy, swollen and noticeably... READ MORE

Will the void from lipoma removal close up or remain hollow after the fluid has been absorbed by the body?

I had a Lipoma removed from just below the nape of the neck near the atlas which extend to the top of the taps close to the spinal column on the right... READ MORE

Abdominal lipoma (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed from my abdominal wall 3 ago and it doesn't seem to be healing very well. Should I go to my gp or do I need to give it more... READ MORE

I had a Lipoma removed on my upper thigh and after 3 weeks it still is not better.

After removal it swollen up worst and was draining. He put a drainage tube and then it was draining on my clothes even with a bandage on it. After 3... READ MORE

Swollen and there were blood clots after stomach lipoma surgery. Is this normal after three weeks?

After stomach surgery lipoma left side. I noticed my stomach was swollen and there were blood clots. at first I found the doctor and the doctor said... READ MORE

What to expect after a 10 lipoma surgery right shoulder blade? (photos)

I have the surgery done 3 weeks ago and I am still off from work. There was no drainage and the sutures seems to be healed at this point. The area... READ MORE

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