Accident + Lip Surgery

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Is There Anything I Can Do to Fix my Crooked Smile?

I was hit in the face with a golf club when I was twelve and have had a crooked smile ever since. I really hate it. Is there anything that can be done... READ MORE

I Had a Fight Long Back and Got Stiches on my Lips, My Upper Right Lip is Thicker Than the Left Up, Options?

I had a fight long back ... and got stiches on my lips.My upper right lip is thicker than the left up. it spoils my smile. Can u please suggest... READ MORE

Uneven Lip After Car Accident

Hi 2 years ago I was involved in a car accident that left me a permanent scar just sbove my lip and left me with an uneven lip. Unless I close them... READ MORE

I played basketball then this happen, i want to know if i get stitches will it scar and it will be noticeable? (photo)

I played basketball and i've been elbowed, my jaw hurts too and i think its bcause of the pressure. I must know if i must get stitches or if i get one... READ MORE

Procedure to fix my lifted upper lip after motorcycle accident? (Photo)

I had a motorcycle accident a year and a half ago with multiples injuries including lacerations in the upper part of my lip that was closed with a... READ MORE

Will I need some kind of reduction or lip injections? (photo)

When I was younger and in sports, I unfortunately got hit with the ball and my upper lip hasn't been the same since. It's affected my smile and... READ MORE

How can I fix my bottom lip and how much will it cost ? (Photo)

My lip was split open in an accident and i had to get my bottom lip sowed but it looks bigger on the right side if the bottom lip and its scared READ MORE

What kind of surgery would help me fix my lip? (Photo)

I had an accident some years back which made my upper right lip to be slightly bigger than the other. What can I do to fix this. READ MORE

I have a bump on my top lip, I was involved in an accident and hit the dashboard and my teeth went straight through my lip.

Can someone please help me? I was taken to the hospital. they gave me stitches and as it healed left an ugly bump real noticeable. .I've not been able... READ MORE

ahow ugly are my lips, what can I do to fix them??? (photos)

Ever since I was little I have noticed that my lips are not even. Two years ago I got attacked by a dog, and the unevenness of my lips did not start... READ MORE

Extra clump of lip formed after an accident. Is there a diagnosis? How to rid of it? What are the costs? (Non)surgical? (Photo)

I was in a motorcycle accident nearly 6 years ago. I neglected to get stitches leaving a permanent little scar on the inside and outside of the right... READ MORE

Please help. How can I fix my lip contracture?

Hi,long story short,i had an accident 7 months ago to my left side of my face.Had zygoma fractures and orbital floor broken.Did reconstructive surgery... READ MORE

When I was 11 I walked into a metal corner in our hallway and it left me with a split top lip and a damaged bottom lip. (photo)

That accident happen over 6 years ago and has left me with a crooked smile.Is there anything I can do to fix it? It has been a major concern for years... READ MORE

I had a lip surgery on my lower lip will it look bad? (photo)

I met with an accident week ago and required to get lip stitches on my lower lip so please let me know will it look bad below are images for the same READ MORE

Can lip be brought it's normal shape again after occurring several wounds in the same place? (Photos)

A severe accident has occured which caused to loose some flesh from my lips,and after that it caused me continuous irritation and I bited that part of... READ MORE

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