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From augmentations and reductions to scar corrections and cleft lip surgeries, there are many procedures available that can correct lip imperfections. LEARN MORE ›

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(I live in Belgium, sorry for my bad english) After a nose surgery, my white lip became too long but I founded the curve and size of my lips perfect. To reduce the white lip, the Dr. has adviced to make a lip advancement in which the incision is made at the border of the lip and white tissue... READ MORE

After hating photos since the accident I was persuaded to have a set of family photos taken by a professional photographer. The results were horrible especially where my lip was fatter and obscuring my teeth on the palsy side. I already saw Gary for Botox and asked if it was possible to have... READ MORE

Beautiful result, so happy and grateful Dr Ordon was able to fix my lip (inverted vermillion). The procedure was done under dental block. I did not experience very much pain at all and the healing process was easy. For the first few days it was a bit difficult to eat without stretching my lip... READ MORE

I had ugly scars since early childhood from an accident. Lately I gained too much weight from prednisone, when it [the prednisone moonface] disappeared I was prematurely aged and my formerly full and luscious lips went flat as a tire: Please be careful with Steroids! They can wreak havoc with... READ MORE

Well I have had so many questions but no answer to resolve my problem. About almost a year ago I was in a abusive relationship and I had unfortunately got my lip split in half. Went to the emergency room and the had stitched my upper right side of my lip with 6stitches on the inside and four on... READ MORE

I was in a car wreck that left my lip sp;it open. I did not receive stitches in time and had to have it operated on. After going to a local clinic I was told it was to late for stitches and that I neede to see a plastic surgeon Dr Michael D. Marion was wonderful and did a great job I would... READ MORE

Hace muchos años me inyectaron una sustancia para rellenar mis labios. La verdad, quedaron muy lindos. A los 4 años me salió una pequeña bolita, casi imperceptible, pero como yo soy perfeccionista, me acerqué donde el doctor César Antezana, que atiende en el Instituto Médico Miraflores... READ MORE

I want to say a big thank you to Dr.Sabrina ,she made my lips to look amazing !!!! Before my lips was so tiny ,and my smile not so beautiful ,I was no happy and that Affected my personal life... Always I feels like something it's missing !Now ... my lips are just ...amazing ,I'm so happy !!!! I... READ MORE

Four years ago I burned my upper lip by accident. I went to get a series of steroids shots, but the scar reappeared. I have consulted with many surgeons, until I was lucky to have found Dr. Andrew Winkler, in AURORA, CO. As today, 23 April2014, the surgery is not scheduled yet. I have to... READ MORE

Unfortunately, I've visited the emergency room 1 too many times over the past 4 years. The last one, I fell on my face and required several stitches. To make things worse for the doctor, I hadn't shaved in the past few days so he had to work through mustache hair.   READ MORE

First off, let me start by saying that I didn't undergo a lip augmentation per se, but rather had some scar tissue removed from my lip from an accident I sustained many years ago. The scar tissue was only prominent when I opened my mouth, but was less noticeable with my mouth closed. In... READ MORE

Procedure went very well, the doctor made me feel comfortable with the procedure, which turned out to require a much bigger part of my lip that I realized when the basal cell was diagnosed. Everyone who sees my face after the procedure and knows the history of it tells me what a great job and... READ MORE

(This is my broad review from 2002 to 2015- 2 nose surgeries & 2 lip surgeries/ 4 separate surgeries all together by Dr.Perron). I had my bottom lip done yesterday, it's a surgical procedure where my own fat is injected into my lips. I had both of my lips done prior to this surgery and wanted... READ MORE

I waited an extended period of time before writing this "testimonial" on behalf of Dr. Nicole Schrader. Three years ago Dr. Schrader performed facial plastic surgery to correct a misalignment of my upper lip which resulted from an accident that had occurred a full year earlier. For a full year... READ MORE

Best lip fillers i have ever had done with such a great result!!! did not feel a single thing!! highly recommended!! i have had my lips done 5 times in the past and have never been happy with them. A friend recommended Andrew Carr and i am so happy i went to him i will be going back to him in... READ MORE

It was something that had to be done, and Dr. Been was recommended. I am very happy with the results and if need to will see Dr. Been again. He took time with me on every office visit, I never felt rushed, I could ask questions and felt very comfortable. Dr. Been and his staff are very... READ MORE

I drove down to Buffalo to get my perma lip removed. I did not like the feeling of the perma lip and felt my lips being very tight. Removed it weeks after having it installed. Dr. Koch was incredibly nice and professional. He was able to accommodate my needs and the staff was very friendly.... READ MORE

Dr Byrne did a fantastic job reconstructing my lip! I had a previous surgery done to my palate that resulted in an upper lip deformity. My previous surgeon referred me to Dr Byrne for repair. From beginning to end the process was seamless and fast. The best part - I had a fast and quick... READ MORE

Pros: Great Dr. and staff, confident, friendly, compassionate, seen me that day due to emergency, even though I had never been a patient there before. I am planning a mommy makeover when I turn 40. I've found the Doctor I want to do it. Not just because he knows how to stitch up a lip, but I am... READ MORE

Several years ago I saw a dermatologist to remove an ugly lesion on my lip. I was told it could not be removed and could even become larger. What! Would this lesion grow so much that I could be drooling from one side of my mouth. It seemed hopeless, I was just going to have to live with it....... READ MORE

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