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Surgical reduction of the lip can be achieved by incisions placed on the inside of the lip (the moist red part) which is not ordinarily visible. The red part of the lip is then rolled to the inside of the mouth to make the lips appear smaller.

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Hello, I am writing to share my experience with a double lip reduction procedure that I had on 10/15/2015. I used RealSelf for my research and thought I should contribute to this website with my own experience in return. I have large Asian ethnic lips that are not proportional to the rest of my... READ MORE

Had lip reduction surgery. Goal was to just reduce the sides as they hung a bit too much. Currently feeling like after 10 weeks that they are maybe now worse as they are uneven and look very oddly like fake lips when I smile. It looks like one side was corrected but the other side looks the same... READ MORE

Ok, I've committed to lip reduction surgery on upper and lower lips. I feel confident in the surgeon I have chosen, but am still nervous about the recovery. Anyone who has been there and can give me any tips or words of wisdom? The reviews here are so helpful and I plan to add photos and a... READ MORE

This was the best $300 I spent in my life! I've always been self-conscious about my droopy bottom lip. It was on my mind 90% of the time. I always had to make sure my lip didn't hang and it took over life. Every time I would talk to someone I felt they were looking at my lip and not me. I was... READ MORE

I saw Dr K cause I had a previous Mexican Dr inject my lips with Singfiller from China. I later find out Singfiller wasn't FDA approved. My lips enlarged so much looking like a duck, my cheeks got big, and I had severe pain. I also had Bumps in my lips! Dr K first told me that I may need... READ MORE

I had lip injections done about 10 years ago - still not sure what was injected but over the years they became severely deformed. After doing some research I found Dr. Lam and thank god I did. Thanks to him I can smile again. The minute I saw his video's and before and after photos I knew he was... READ MORE

I did lip reduction. because my upper lip was huge and had flares on the sides where you see the inside of the lip protruding down over the teeth. so you could see the red lip I guess. I wasn't looking for thin lip because I enjoy big lips although I'm a white individual but not originally from... READ MORE

I had a top lip reduction, very little taken off. I had a flap from fillers on one side. It has been 5 days and I do not have the stitches out. I totally love my lips. Dr. Robert Glasgold is amazing. I wanted to go to Texas to Dr. Lamb and could not afford the trip or the time to go to Texas... READ MORE

When I was in the 4th grade I got into a horrible car accident with my stepfather on the way to my mothers job. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was seating in the front seat. Therefore, my upper lip was completely cut in half and I had other minor facial injuries. I was treated at the hospital;... READ MORE

So I mistakenly had far injections to my lips several years ago by another surgeon who talked me into it at a young age. I was left with these huge lips...uneven, fake, disproportionate, and my lips blocked my smile. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Svelak. He makes you feel so comfortable,... READ MORE

Hello my name is angela a month ago I got a reduction of lips with lam DR and it changed my life completely my lips are now perfect, really were completely deformed thought I had no solution until the doctor fix me a problem you habias I had it for 12 years want to recommend to all to me is the... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Bared was excellent from beginning to end. I was in search of a skilled surgeon who can perform a lip revision to correct some injections I had over 10 years ago. I first spoke with Dean for my first consultation, who became my advisor. He was knowledgeable and available... READ MORE

There's was no complication noted, swelling subsided after 5 days.. The result is amazing. It was not very painful. I was so happy after the lip reduction. I highly recommend Dr. Pearson. The procedure is called Lip reduction because if had a silicone filler. I asked Dr. Pearson if he can take... READ MORE

A doctor put silicone in my upper/lower lips yrs ago. This had years of reprocussions. I found Dr.Born form people who knew his skills personally/professionally. Dr. Born is Very skilled plastic surgeon- kind, gentle, a trail blazer in his field of plastic surgery. He did my upper lip& I was... READ MORE

I had lip reduction surgery with Dr. De Silva about 6 weeks ago and am very very happy with the results. Not only this but the entire end to end process and procedure was very smooth and I did not encounter any problems or concerns at all. My initial consultation was very useful and informative,... READ MORE

I have lived with botched lips for a long time, after being depressed for so long I decided to book a flight and get a lip reduction by Dr. Samuel lam..I'm my opinion there is NO ONE Better for this procedure. He is a magician!!!! Dr lam is a great listener, he is very charming and sweet..the... READ MORE

I had upper lip implant done 3 years time went on it was drawing the top side of my lips in from scar tissue causing lines down each side ..also from the side view it looked duck like...I hated I went to Dr. Ceydeli in Lynn Haven, florida and we discussed removal of the implant... READ MORE

After living for 2years with an overplumped uneven lip I had decided to get a lip reduction..I was very afraid because choosing the right dr would make the worlds difference..after looking at alot of drs from all over the world I was 100% sure that Dr. Samuel lam was an expert on this specific... READ MORE

I just got a lip reduction preformed by Dr. Sam lam, hands down best in the world for this procedure!i almost canceled my surgery because of all the bad reviews..DO NOT BELIEVE THEM they are all lies..he is an amazing Dr. Sweet, kind and funny..after being left with huge botched lips from years... READ MORE

Dr. Miller did my Upper Lip Reduction on March 2 and I am feeling OK. I learned about the procedure online and Dr. Miller has information on his website that was most closely related to me. It was a comfortable procedure and he talked me through it. The recovery period was about two days. I... READ MORE

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