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Surgical reduction of the lip can be achieved by incisions placed on the inside of the lip (the moist red part) which is not ordinarily visible. The red part of the lip is then rolled to the inside of the mouth to make the lips appear smaller.

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Lip Reduction... Still Now Sure

Had lip reduction surgery. Goal was to just reduce the sides as they hung a bit too much. Currently feeling like after 10 weeks that they are maybe now worse as they are uneven and look very oddly like fake lips when I smile. It looks like one side was corrected but the other side looks the same... READ MORE

Upper Lip Reduction

Excited to enhance my smile. My upper lip has always been bigger than my bottom lip, in addition uneven and covering my smile. People would always ask me why I don't smile (showing my teeth) and I would have to explain my lips are too big. I'm excited to be able to show a genuine smile! I'll... READ MORE

Finally Feel & Look Like Me! My Natural Lip is Back! - Fresno, CA

20 years ago I had fat injected into my upper lip. It was awful- I had lumps & it was way to big. For 20 years I have lived with embarrassment of a huge fake upper lip until recently. For 15 years I have looked for a Dr in So Cal & Central Cal & finally found Dr Truong of FACES! in... READ MORE

Revision Silicone Removal (I've Got my Life Back) - La Jolla, CA

10+ years ago I had silicone using the microdroplet technique. My mother had the same procedure on the same day and she still looks great, but for me, within a few years it started to grow and become rock hard. This has caused me so much embarrassment and grief over the years. I was still a... READ MORE

Lip Debulking - Plantation, FL

After 15 years of having silicone injected into my lips to have fuller looking lips permanently, my smile was ruined and you couldn't even see my teeth . With three unsuccessful surgeries there was scar tissue buildup , poor healing and no improvement in my appearance. I was very... READ MORE

I'm Having Second Thoughts!!

Hello everyone, I have decided to have my lips reduced, I've been looking all around searching for a skilled Doctor, Finally I came across Dr.Lam. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. If you are a patient of Dr. Lams, please share your story! I hope I'm making the right decision! ????... READ MORE

Sexy Lips. New York, NY

I've always had exceptionally large lips. I had been Bullied growing up in grade school because I hadn't grown into them and still in my adulthood people have a hard time taking me seriously, I think because of my lips. I also still get bullied -- considering most ppl don't have big lips, mine... READ MORE

Silicone Lip Reduction by Doctor Trevor Born. Toronto, ON

If, to cite the Bard, ''All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players'' I did not wish to continue my performance as a Miss with misshapen lips. Over a decade ago I had silicone injected into my lips. Très à la mode at the time, but now no longer FDA approved for numerous h... READ MORE

Fixed my Uneven, Jacked-up Lips! - Austin, TX

I had been very unhappy with my uneven lips for a long time. I had even had fillers injected to try to fix them, but that only made it worse. Dr. Weinfeld preformed the lip reduction and correction in office under local anesthesia. I am beyond thrilled with my lips, they are the lips Ive... READ MORE

Lip Reduction After Waiting for 5 Years - Plano, TX

Hello, I am writing to share my experience with a double lip reduction procedure that I had on 10/15/2015. I used RealSelf for my research and thought I should contribute to this website with my own experience in return. I have large Asian ethnic lips that are not proportional to the rest of my... READ MORE

Going for Lip Reduction After Fat Transfer Many Years Ago - Plano, TX

Ok, I've committed to lip reduction surgery on upper and lower lips. I feel confident in the surgeon I have chosen, but am still nervous about the recovery. Anyone who has been there and can give me any tips or words of wisdom? The reviews here are so helpful and I plan to add photos and a... READ MORE

Much Needed Ethnic Lip Reduction - Dominican Republic

This was the best $300 I spent in my life! I've always been self-conscious about my droopy bottom lip. It was on my mind 90% of the time. I always had to make sure my lip didn't hang and it took over life. Every time I would talk to someone I felt they were looking at my lip and not me. I was... READ MORE

Dr K Fixed my Lips from Another Dr. Injecting a Bad Lip Filler! - Los Angeles, CA

I saw Dr K cause I had a previous Mexican Dr inject my lips with Singfiller from China. I later find out Singfiller wasn't FDA approved. My lips enlarged so much looking like a duck, my cheeks got big, and I had severe pain. I also had Bumps in my lips! Dr K first told me that I may need... READ MORE

Botched Injections Fixed by Dr. Lam - Plano, TX

I had lip injections done about 10 years ago - still not sure what was injected but over the years they became severely deformed. After doing some research I found Dr. Lam and thank god I did. Thanks to him I can smile again. The minute I saw his video's and before and after photos I knew he was... READ MORE

Life Saving. amazing. Cannot Describe How Lucky I Am (Upper Lip Reduction) - Plano, TX

I did lip reduction. because my upper lip was huge and had flares on the sides where you see the inside of the lip protruding down over the teeth. so you could see the red lip I guess. I wasn't looking for thin lip because I enjoy big lips although I'm a white individual but not originally from... READ MORE

Lip Reduction After Silicone Injections 17 Years Ago

I had silicone lip injections in 2000 and now want the silicone removed. There are no hard lumps but scar tissue has formed over the years and my lips are grown and the shape has slightly changed. After several years of research, I found a doctor in Jupiter, Florida that I trust. I will post... READ MORE

33 years old aquamid ruined my face and my life

Hi i wanted to share my experience with aquamid with everyone in hopes of trying to prevent people from injecting this filler and in hopes of encouraging the ones that already have this filler to go get it removed!! go get it removed as much as you can and as fast as you can in experienced... READ MORE

Droopy Lips Gone!

I couldn't be a happier! There's still a little stiffness & tightness, but other than that everything's great! There was a little bit of uncertainty at first going through with all this, But I'm so happy I did. I've wanted to get this procedure done as far back as I can remember & I... READ MORE

Lip Reduction After Wrong Silicone Removal Procedure - Bedminster, NJ

After I got the silicone removal surgery with Paul Rosenberg my lips are wrinkled uneven and in one side bulky and the other side small. I decided to keep looking for doctors to fix my lips I decided to go to dr jangua and the 1st thing he told me when he saw me and look at my lips I can help... READ MORE

Lip Silicone Removal - Palisades, NY

I went looking for help to Paul Rosenberg i got a consult he said he can remove the silicone on my lips, so I decided to go for the procedure he seems knowledgeable with these situations. So he did remove a lot of material however after coming home I noticed he did not put a stitch on the corner... READ MORE

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