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Lip Higher on One Side when Smiling? (photo)

Hi there When I smile, one side of my top lip is higher than the other. I want to be able to fix this. Im getting married in April next year. Is it as... READ MORE

Can Anyone Fix my Lips After my Disasterous Lip Lift? (photo)

I went to the same doctor for multiple revisions, not because I'm a perfectionist, and I don't expect perfect symmetry, but because each surgical... READ MORE

Unsure Whether I Need a Lip Lift Operation or a Rhinoplasty to Achieve Balance (photo)

I've had 3 jaw operations and braces to fix an retrognathic lower jaw and overbite. Rapid expansion and BSSO on the upper and mandibular... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Uneven Smile/gums? (photo)

For the most part am happy with my smile. I have nice teeth, but have always hated my uneven smile. I think I have an occlusal cant judging by the... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation And/or Rhinoplasty (photo)

I posted a similar question but included some before pics. All responses were referencing the before and not the after pics so I'm posting again... READ MORE

How to Fix Uneven Mouth? (photo)

I have an uneven mouth that you can probably notice in the picture, not sure which topic this fits under. I was wondering if there are any... READ MORE

Repair Frozen and Uneven Upper Lip Lift?

My upper lip is uneven, and frozen after having a lift ten years ago, can anything be done to repair this? READ MORE

Why is my Lip Lift Significantly Uneven? (photo)

Had a lip lift (bullhorn) 2 days ago and one side is raised significantly more than the other. I'm really worried that my lip is going to be uneven... READ MORE

Lip Lift Reversal? Looks Like I'm Constantly Pouting.

Is any way of reversing a lip lift by either dividing the muscle, tissue expansion or even maxillofacial surgery ? i find that my upper lip is short... READ MORE

What procedure would help correct an uneven smile? Considering lip lift.

I am not sure what procedure would be the best to correct my uneven upper lift. I'm looking for something that will make the smile more symmetrical... READ MORE

How can I make my smile even after Bells Palsy? (photos)

I had Bell's palsy when I was 13, and then again when I was 16. The only issue I have with it is my uneven smile. Is there any way that I can even out... READ MORE

Is a lip lift the best option for my nonexistent top lip? Additional filler only gives me duck lips. (photos)

I have a small mouth, pretty much NO top lip and a very uneven lip line. I've been getting filler for years and even tried permanent lip liner to... READ MORE

Are there any "fixes" for a bad gull-wing lip lift? (photos)

I had a gull-wing lip lift (top and bottom) in 1998 and have always struggled with the very visible white scar. The left and right sides are also... READ MORE

Correction of uneven lips and lip lift? Please help (Photo)

I had permanent filler in my upper lip in 1999 and have just undergone jaw surgery (upper, lower and genio). My lips are now very asymmetrical and I... READ MORE

How can I lift my lips? (photos)

I am a 30 year old woman. My lips have always been down turned and uneven but it's getting worse especially with my left side. Should I use Botox or... READ MORE

Can Anyone Fix my Lips a Year After a Bad Lip Lift? (photo)

I Have Reached out to Multiple Doctors and Websites and Gotten Nowhere. Can anyone fix my lips? One side is jagged and uneven with white scarring... READ MORE

How to Fix my Uneven Smile and Lower Face?

My smile raises up significantly higher on one side than the other. It makes my whole face crooked! What can be done to even it up? READ MORE

What can I do if the distance between the base of my nose and my upper lip is too short after a lip lift?

I've had a lip lift last Nov, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted at all. I now have a visible scar at the base of my nose and my upper lip is... READ MORE

Uneven Lip After Sub Nasal?

Hey there, I had a Bullhorn Lip lift on Monday afternoon. It is now Thursday. After the procedure my doctor pointed out that the right side of my... READ MORE

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