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Is It Possible to Have a Lip Lift and Return Home in a Few Days Without my Husband Noticing? (photo)

I have a flat upper lip, and long, flat area between nose and upper lip. I have been getting restylane injections, but result is still not... READ MORE

Lip Lift Scarring? (photo)

I am considering a lip lift, please advise me how visible the scar will be and I have an event 16 days later, will it be obvious I have had a surgery... READ MORE

My lip lift incision isn't healing - is this normal? (Photo)

I had a skin-only LL performed 2 weeks ago, external sutures moved at 5 days post-op. The incision appears to be healing except for a few areas... READ MORE

help with healing from lip lift. (photo)

It's been five weeks today since I had a lower facelift, laser resurfacing around moth, upper eyes and upper lip lift. I seem to be healing just fine... READ MORE

1 months post op Lip lift (bull horn), the sutures are still hard and numb. Any suggestions?

The sutures are still hard and numbed-especially in the middle... And when I smile it's doesn't show all my teeth as before.. Is that ll go after some... READ MORE

I had a lip lift in late October. The scar was healing, then I got an itchy red bumps on the scar. They will not go away.

I went back to the surgeon and he prescribed anitbiotics and antiviaral meds, which did not help at all. Then I start using cordisone cream, benadrl... READ MORE

Wound separation with lip lift. What should I do? (Photo)

I had a lip lift 7 days ago. During the healing I noticed one side at the left side of nostrils looked like a moat like hole had developed. Once the... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scarring - after lip lift. Are there preventative options?

I really want this procedure but am afraid of scarring. I don't mind wearing make up until it heals or getting treatment but what could be the cause... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Lip lift in Philadelphia? (photos)

As apposed to fillers, also cost, healing time, pain level, is the cutting out of the skin under the nose the only way to perform the procedure? I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Lip lift?

I'm cosidering doing lip lift as my philtrum looks too long ... but im scared of the scar as its on my face ... are there any precautions to take pre... READ MORE

Lip lift and face lift at the same time?

Can an upper lip lift and mid or full face lift be performed on the same day or does it require healing of one or the other first? Thank you in advance. READ MORE

How soon after an Alar Base Reduction can I get an Upper Lip Lift? (photos)

I have always had an overbite and protrusion from sucking my finger as a child. Now that I've had an alarplasty, my smaller nose is now accentuating... READ MORE

Healing from upper lip lift? (Photo)

I have just had an paper lip lift surgery but only 2 days passed..I know swollen areas need time to recover 3_4 weeks..I'm concerned on my nose..it... READ MORE

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