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Treatment Options for Drooping Mouth Corners on Younger People?

I am in my later 20s and I notice considerable drooping of the corners of my lips, comparing to photos taken in my mid 20s. They give me that frowning... READ MORE

Surgery for Drooping Mouth?

My mouth droops a little on one side and I have been told by a surgeon I have an asymmetric face. The doctor actually thought I had had an accident... READ MORE

Can I Get This Result with a Lip Lift? If No, What Are the Other Possibilities ?

Hello there, Im getting a rhinoplasty soon which gonna make my upperlip more long and raise the tip. Thing is that, my smile is dropping and don't... READ MORE

Why are my upper lips drooping, What options do I have to fix it? (photo)

Over the recent years I feel like my gaps have grown broader; my lips sluggish; my upper lips are 'drooping' so badly as you can see in the pictures.... READ MORE

Lip Lift and Mobility of the Mouth

I'm twenty-two years old. My upper lip is drooping. I want to do a lip lift, but I'm afraid to lose the mobility of my mouth. As the upper lip... READ MORE

Drooping corners of mouth.. How to fix them?

My top lip doesnt show on the sides. 1 month ago I had Restylane injected into (majority the top lip) them to help improve the appearance and fullness... READ MORE

What was done on my lips? (Photo)

I recently got a corner mouth lift and the results aren't too satisfying...I don't kn ow what did the doctor did to my mouth, it looks like I have... READ MORE

Candidate for corner lip / smile lift? (photos)

Am I a good candidate for the corner lip lift /smile lift? I've never been happy with the way my top lip drops off. I had a v-y procedure which made... READ MORE

Will injections help raise my top lip a little bit rather than a lip lift?

I had been looking at lip lifts ( including the sides also) as my lips have drooped only a little bit. I am wondering however, if injections will help... READ MORE

Young, but droopy face shape? (Photo)

Most of the fat on my face is concentrated on the lower half of my face. Two things in particular bug me, the dents around my nose, (as I feel they... READ MORE

Buldging Around and Under Mouth, Drooping, Do I Need a Lip Lift?

 I have these fat pockets under my lower lips there are two there and fat pockets around my mouth. My mouth also seems to be drooping. I want to... READ MORE

What is an internal corner lip lift? Is it as effective as the external corner lift? Do the results look as good?

I recently asked a question about alternatives to external corner lip lifts (the corners of my mouth droop but I am a relatively young, in my early... READ MORE

Droopy lower lip. I read there is a procedure that involves the muscle of the lip or maybe beneath the lip?Where exactly?

I am 27 y/o girl, my lower lip is droopy ,like the muscle isn't tight ,and my lower teeth is visible when my mouth is at rest. I read that there is a... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Lip lift? (photos)

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can answer me this question please, I've been asking myself for ages... I have quote full lips (especially my top lip)... READ MORE

Drooping lips (genetic, not age related) - corner lip lift a good option? (Photo)

I am 20 years old and have had drooping, asymmetrical lips my entire life. When I smile, I am happy with the shape and size of my lips- but their... READ MORE

Drooping corner of the mouth (photo)

I really don't remember ever having bell's palsy, but I know that I do have a dormant herpes simplex infection near the corner of my right lip. Is it... READ MORE

I have a drooping in right eyelid and drooping in lower lip in the right when I'm talking.What is the cause? Treatment?

I'm 20 years old , This is mild drooping occure from cheldhood , my eyes doctor exam the motility of my eyes which was found normal function and the... READ MORE

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