Lip Augmentation Videos

Plump Lips and Eliminate Lip Lines With Volbella

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates Volbella, the newest filler from the Juvederm family. It's ideal for adding subtle volume to the lip and to soften lip wrinkles. Results from Volbella last up to one year. VIEW NOW

See a Live Lip Enhancement Injection

Dr. Rupert Critchley demonstrates a live lip enhancement procedure on this model's lips to show how quick the procedure is. VIEW NOW

Ask the Doctor, Episode 1: What Lip Filler Is Right for Me?

Dr. Shaun Patel answers the question, "Which lip filler is right for me?" He explains in this video how he goes about choosing which filler to inject into a patient's lips. His choices are Juvederm Ultra, Volbella, Restylane, and Restylane Silk. VIEW NOW

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The Importance of Lip Anatomy When Considering Lip Fillers

Dr. Anil Shah discusses how understanding the anatomy of the lips can give you the best results when considering lip fillers. VIEW NOW

See a Volbella Treatment for Lip Enhancement In Action

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates the procedure for a lip lift using Volbella by Juvederm on this woman. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Lip Augmentation (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Randal Haworth shares a video of a patient undergoing a lip augmentation / lip lift procedure. VIEW NOW

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Learn All About Juvederm Products

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the family of Juvederm products including Juvederm Voluma XC, Juvederm XC, Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Juvederm Volbella XC. VIEW NOW

Restoring Natural Beauty With Lip Surgery

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the importance of understanding the aesthetics of the lip and mouth region. He also emphasizes the specifics of the lip lift and lip reduction procedures. VIEW NOW

How a Non-Surgical Facelift Can Change Your Life

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the best candidates for a non-surgical facelift. The techniques include the use of fillers, Botox, Silhouette Lift and other skin tightening methods. VIEW NOW

Galderma Takes on Allergan With It's Restylane Family of Products

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the extensive family of Restylane products and their specific use in areas of the face. VIEW NOW

Natural Looking Lip Enhancement: Minimalist Approach

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim takes a minimalist approach to lip enhancement procedure, and in this video she explains why she believes less is more. VIEW NOW

A Demonstration of Lip Filler Injections With Juvederm Ultra

A 23-year-old woman wanted more lip definition and volume. Dr. Shaun Patel used 1 mL of Juvederm Ultra for her lips to give her natural looking lip enhancement. VIEW NOW

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What is the Ideal Lip Size?

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin describes the ideal lip size and shape. He also shares the procedures available to create the perfect lips. VIEW NOW

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Facelift Alternatives: The Doctor Shares Non-Surgical Options

Dr. Edward Dickerson explains non-surgical alternatives for a facelift. These options offer minimal or no downtime. VIEW NOW

Everything You Need to Know About Lip Enhancement

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the importance of understanding facial aesthetics. He discourages the use of lip implants for lip augmentation. The most common method of lip enhancement today involves the use of of fillers as well as fat injections. VIEW NOW