Lip Augmentation Videos

Lip Augmentation Before & After: Stephani's Experience

Follow Stephani's before and after experience undergoing lip augmentation with Dr. Donald B. Yoo. VIEW NOW


Why Choosing a Hard or Soft Filler for Your Lips Matters

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question from a woman who was recommended harder lip filler by another doctor, but Dr. Prasad explains why he prefers a softer filler compared to harder, longer lasting filler. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains the Process of Getting Fillers

Dr. Nicole Hayre explains the process a typical filler patient will go through when having the procedure. She also demonstrates the process on one of her patients. VIEW NOW

Preparing for a Lip Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Julio Calvijo-Alvarez reviews the main considerations for having your lips augmented. He also reviews the various types of fillers, possible complications and outcomes. VIEW NOW

What You Need to Know About Injectable Fillers

Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez shares this video which describes important considerations in preparation for your filler procedure. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates Restylane Silk Lip Injections

Dr Steve Weiner shows a quick demo of his lip injection with Restylane Silk. The procedure is nearly pain free for most with minimal bleeding or bruising. VIEW NOW

How to Get Plump Lips Without Surgery or Fillers

Dr. Jason Emer expains how BTL Exilis Ultra can be a non-invasive alternative to fillers, surgical procedures, and laser treatments. Using both radio frequency and ultrasound, this option can plump the skin, improve skin tone, and reduce wrinkles. VIEW NOW

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Lip Augmentation Techniques: Choose What Style Lip Is Right for You

Dr. Gidon Frame discusses hyaluronic acid fillers for lips and what factors make for natural-looking lip augmentation. VIEW NOW


Bothered by Lines Around the Lips? Learn About Juvederm Volbella Lip Injections

Dr. Muchele S. Green explains how Volbella works for lip augmentation and how a combination of treatments can yield greater results. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Performs Lip Augmentation Using Canula

Lip augmentation performed using canula technique results in less bruising and quicker recovery. Lips are augmentation with restylane lyft to give more volume and longer duration. Other fillers can be injected with the same technique. VIEW NOW

Lip injections With Restylane

Dr. Michael T. Somenek augments the lips using Restylane dermal filler to enhance the overall shape to the lip. It produces a natural shape that lasts 9-12 months. VIEW NOW

See This Woman's Lip Injections With Juvederm

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates how Juvederm filler can be used to enhance the lips. VIEW NOW

See Juvederm Lip Injections With Before & After Photos

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates using Juvederm injections to enhance the lips. Juvederm is a filler that can restore volume to the face. VIEW NOW

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Evaluating the Lips Before Adding Volume

Dr. Kaleroy Papantoniou demonstrates her approach as she evaluates the contours of the lips before making them fuller. VIEW NOW

Plumping the Lips With Restylane

Dr. Jason Emer explains and demonstrates how Restylane is used to enhance the lips for a natural and youthful appearance, contour the chin and jawline and fill in any lines around the mouth. VIEW NOW

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