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Can I buy Latisse if I have alopecia and my lashes are gone?

I have alopecia since I was 19, now I'm 38. This time, my right eye lashes have all fallen out, I look like a statue in a church. So I really need to... READ MORE

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back and old lashes to fall out?

I've had a bad experience with a new beauty treatment called the lash lift! At this point it's been 7 weeks since the treatment. What I am now left... READ MORE

Will eye lashes fall out after discontinuing Latisse?

After months of consistent use and eye lash growth, will eye lashes fall out once you stop using Latisse? Thank you! READ MORE

If my Eyelashes Are Falling Out, Can I Use Latisse?

Can I use Latisse to help grow my eyelashes back? READ MORE

Can Latisse STOP working after 6 months of everyday use? My lashes are no longer long and they are falling out here and there.

I notice though each time I use it, after 6 months of using it (consistantly), my lashes start to fall out and they leave an open space (like a chunk)... READ MORE

Latisse- Lashes Falling out?

I started using Latisse almost a month ago and I noticed that the past three days, my lashes are falling out. Is that normal? When I first started... READ MORE

Latisse is causing my eyelashes on my right eye to fall out ! Any suggestions?

I've been using Latisse since November and I used to have long beautiful eyelashes but I just wanted them fuller so I bought Latisse and I notice on... READ MORE

Will my eyelashes return back to normal? Any suggestions and tips to help them grow back and stop breaking?

I used a water proof mascara for one week (I didn't realize it was waterproof at the time) and my eyelashes started falling out. The eyelashes that... READ MORE

I was wondering if it's safe to use caster oil on my eyelashes?

Hi, my eyelashes are always falling out and leaving holes and I was trying to find a home remedy for it and found that some people use caster oil on... READ MORE

Can prolonged use of Latisse make your eyelashes fall out?

I've been using Latisse for over 4 years on and off (mostly on). I have notice this happen twice already in the 6 months . My lashes look amazing and... READ MORE

is there special glue or a way of gluing individual eyelashes without losing your own lashes?

I went to a reputable place to get individual eyelashes glued on for an event. I LOVED the way they look. After I ran into someone who I saw right... READ MORE

After using Latisse for a couple years, it stopped working.

My lashes were falling out and the lashes that grew were rough, wouldn't curl and were stubby. I had to stop using it. I am frustrated by the number... READ MORE

Does eyelashes serum make my lash fall and grow new eyelashes?

Lately i've been using N07 eyelashes serum for a stronger and longer lashes and i have new lashes growing, but my long lashes are falling when i use... READ MORE

Can Revitalash cause permanent iris color change?

I have read on the internet that color change could be a side effect and I don't understand how it could possibly scientifically do that... I live... READ MORE

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