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Will Pregnancy Change my Lasik Result?

Im 30 and have a consult for Lasik. My vision is -1.0 AND -2.25. if I get pregnant again (I have a 4 1/2 year old) is there a possibility it will ruin... READ MORE

I just had Lasik done yesterday and I accidentally just rubbed my eyes. Would this cause any damage?

I feel like my vision is a little blurry now. Is it possible that I have screwed up the procedure? What course of action should I take? READ MORE

Did I really hurt my chance of 20/20 vision after eating an edible after LASIK surgery?

Excuse my terminology if it is incorrect, but I had my wavefront guided, custom lasik, done last Friday on 5/22/15 around 430pm. I went through the... READ MORE

I Rubbed my Eye 2 Times Gently in the First Day After LASIK Surgery?

I just did a LASIK surgery and bare in mind since my cornea wall wall thin it was done on the surface with no flap. I have gentle wiped my eye once... READ MORE

How long after lasik surgery will it be ok to smoke cigarettes?

I had LaHayesik done last Wednesday and I wanted to know when I can smoke cigarettes again without my eyes being damaged. READ MORE

My Dog Scratched My Eye. I recently had LASIK (Photo)

In 2014, my Retriever scratched my right eye.Now,I have continuous discomfort in the right eye (I feel like something is in there), it's red, vision... READ MORE

I'd lasik done on both eyes but I had to go back a week later for a touch up on my right eye. Do you think that damaged my eye?

I had lasik done on both eyes but i had to go back a week later for a touch up on my right eye do you think that damaged my eye? 7 years later I had... READ MORE

After LASIK, I scratched my eyes. Did I damage anything?

I did Lasik operation two days ago.. Today accidentally I carefully scratched upper eyelid.. Vision gone blur just 2 second and then still i saw very... READ MORE

How soon after Lasik can I start going to the gym?

It has been 15 days since my LASIK. I want to start gym work-out again but, Afraid if something occures to my eyes cause of work out. Is it safe to... READ MORE

Is 18 an okay age to get LASIK? Would it be damaging?

Im 18 and im going into the Navy and ive been considering lasik. i wear contacts but in boot camp ill have to wear my glasses.im hoping i can ger... READ MORE

How long should i use a computer and other screens after 22 days of LASIK?

It has been 22 days since my LASIK . i want to know how much time i can spend on Computer screens ? would it damage my eyes? READ MORE

Is it possible my protective contact damaged my second LASIK correction?

I had a follow up LASIK procedure last week to readjust a procedure I had 8 months ago. The doctor put protective contacts in after my procedure, and... READ MORE

Will consuming/inhaling marijuana or THC in general permanently damage or hurt my chances of healing from LASIK?

I realize dryness will contribute and even delay the healing process, but what about any possible benefits. It does relieve intraocular pressure and... READ MORE

Eye rubbing 5 weeks after Lasik surgery. Can it cause damage?

I had lasik surgery 5 weeks ago and rubbed my eye in the middle of the night. It was a significant rub and I woke up in a panic. I don't have any pain... READ MORE

Full eye exam with dilation 3 months after LASIK surgery. Did I damage my corrected LASIK Vision?

I recently had LASIK Wavefront about 3 months ago. Last month I had to get a full eye exam from my original optometrist (who was aware of my recent... READ MORE

Is it safe to resume exercise after Lasik?

The Lasix I had done was the kind with flap creation. I had it done on Wed it's now gonna be Monday, is it OK or a problem if a light indoor exercise... READ MORE

Can flap damage happen easily after 23 days post LASIK?

I was playing with my girlfriend and she accidentally hit both my eyes with her open palm. i closed them tightly before it happened as I saw it coming... READ MORE

Do I need to wear my astigmatism glasses full time?

My prescription is OS +0.50 -1.25 cil x 175 OD +0.50 -1.50 cil x 175 I want advice on how much should I wear them? I've started noticing headaches... READ MORE

Is it possible to secure hard contact lenses to damaged cornea after wrong LASIK decision (flat cornea)? (photo)

I had lasik surgery 3 years ago but symptoms such as keratoconus occured because the cornea was not fit to lasik and re-correction (prk) failed. READ MORE

I had a large eye subconjunctival Hemorrhage, it appeared not to improve for 2 weeks -- could my eye be damaged?

I saw 2 doctors who said leave it alone it will fix itself. The recommended a third doctor who said he could cauterize the bleeding veins on the... READ MORE

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