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Laser Resurfacing for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

I heard that laser resurfacing could help dark circles under eyes. Is this true? What can you do for dark circles under the delicate eye area,... READ MORE

Ablative Laser Vs Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Between these two, which is stronger for under eye lines: Ablative laser or Laser skin resurfacing? READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing or Non-surgical Procedures to Tighten Under Eye Area?

I had upper eyelid surgery about 4 years ago and fat removal and laser resurfacing as well. I would like to further tighten the skin under my... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Full Results After Laser Resurfacing?

How long until you see laser resurfacing results for under eyes only. It was the coherent co2 laser. READ MORE

Syringoma or Milia Laser Treatment? (photo)

About 3 years ago I developed these bumps under both eyes. I've been told its milia, but it seems to resemble the Syringoma pictures I've seen online.... READ MORE

Misinformation Concerning ECO2 Laser and Malar Bags?

I'm 42 and about to undergo laser resurfacing of my lower eyelids to improve some crepiness of the skin. My surgeon uses the eCO2 laser,which... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing Effective for Wrinkles and Dark Circles Around Eyes?

I am a 45 year old male and concidering doing laser resurfacing on my skin, to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, especially around my eyes. As I... READ MORE

White Under Eye Rings from CO2 Erbium Laser?

Ten years ago, I was treated with a CO2 Erbium Laser on the upper half of my face (from forehead to under the eyes). I now have white... READ MORE

Can African Americans Get Laser Resurfacing For Dark Under Eyes?

I'm an African American, and I have bad dark under eyes which makes my appearance look bad. I've seen online that laser resurfacing may not work for... READ MORE

Unhappy with Skin Around Eyes- Will Laser Resurfacing Help Me? Something Else? (photo)

I'm a 30-year-old female with fair, slightly freckled skin. I have been very unhappy with the skin around my eyes lately: it is puffy above the... READ MORE

Will CO2 Laser Treatment Under Eyes Cause Loss of Pigment?

I am fair skinned and want to have CO2 laser under my eyes and on upper lip. Will I see a lose of pigment in those areas. I am afraid of looking like... READ MORE

Darkness Under Eyes Made Worse By Hyaluronidase - Laser Correction?

I have always had darkness under my eyes, I have light skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, and I have been prone to undereye darkness. I recently had all my... READ MORE

Wrinkles are Worse 10 Weeks After Laser Resurfacing Under Eyes. What Can I Do?

Are very wrinkled what should I do looks worse than before also looks like I have bags near cheeks bone READ MORE

Facial Radio Frequency has dissolved my cheeks fat. What should I do?

Can somebody please help,6 months ago I had 4 sessions of Radio Frequency under my eyes and cheeks and I have now what seem fat loss , my eyes are... READ MORE

Tri-Luma or Time for Redness After Laser Resurfacing and Lower Bleph?

I am 4 weeks post lower eye lid transconjuctive bleph w co2 laser resurfacing. I have read that the erythema can last up to 6 months for some Pa. My... READ MORE

Is There Any Dr. in Atlanta Who Does the Laser Resurfacing to Treat Undereye Festoons?

Is There Any Dr. in Atlanta Who Does the Laser Resurfacing to Treat Undereye Festoons? READ MORE

Laser for Moderate Under Eye Laxity/lines, Cancer Scar and Slight Marionette Lines for the Most Dramatic and Longlasting Result?

I had been considering a mid to deep peel, but decided I am not comfortable with the toxic chemical aspect. I'd like a fairly extensive... READ MORE

Erbium Laser Resurfacing on Lower Eyelids. When Can I Get Filler?

I am scheduled for erbium laser resurfacing on lower eyelids in two months. If I wanted to get filler done under the eyes should this wait until after... READ MORE

I want to know if laser procedures would cure my dark circles (photo)

I am a brown skin toned African American with really dark circles around my entire eye (both eyes). Would laser procedure remove them? READ MORE

How Effective is Matisse Fractional Laser?

I am a European female, age 39. I had microlaserpeel 4 years ago and a few non-abaltive treatments with BBL and Cynosure Photogenica V-star. I have... READ MORE

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