Scarring + Laser Hair Removal

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Proper Laser Hair Removal Burn Treatment?

If you've been burned after a laser hair removal treatment, e.g. laser OD, is there a proper general burn treatment, particularly to maximize... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn, Will This Leave a Scar? (Photos)

4 days ago i did laser hair removal on my arms and i got this scabs, i put on antibiotic as soon as i got home but now im really scared is this going... READ MORE

Will I Have Scars and Discoloration on my Legs After Laser Hair Removal Burns? (photo)

I had laser hair removal treatment a week ago and now I have burns all over my lower legs. Will I have scars and discoloration on my skin? I'm... READ MORE

I Got a Bad Sunburn 5 Days After Laser Hair Removal. Am I Going to Scar?

I got a really bad sunburn on my back 5 days after laser hair removal. The burning is already healing but the dark marks are still there. I went to... READ MORE

I Got Burned by VPL Laser; How To Minimize Scarring and Discoloration? (photo)

I got burned by a VPL Laser hair removal system and I would like to know how to treat it to minimize the scarring and discoloration. Should I go see a... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn On My Face, What Can I Do To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

I had my second laser hair removal session on Thursday evening and am afraid something went terribly wrong. I have all these burn rings all over my... READ MORE

Hair Removal Laser, Scars, Spots, Who?

Would like to take a laser treatment against hair growth, but are afraid of dark spots and scars. I have light skin and dark hair. Who may be exposed... READ MORE

Is Polka Dots on Treated Area Normal for Laser Hair Removal? Will This Cause Permnate Scarring? What Went Wrong?

I have polka dots all over where I was treated for laser hair removal. As time goes on they are slightly raising, changing color (from red to dark... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn with Blister & Scarring- What Can I Do?

I got laser hair removal done in my underarms two days ago. While one of the armpit recorded quickly the other one developed puffiness and redness... READ MORE

I had a treatment for a bikini laser hair removal a week ago. Could my skin be permanently scarred or burnt? (Photo)

I guess the laser was set at too high (even though no other areas of my body have been burnt - and I am doing the same type of treatment for legs,... READ MORE

Laser hair removal scars/burns. Are they permanent? (Photo)

I was recently going through laser hair removal treatments a couple months ago on my buttocks area. At first it was going fine until I had got burnt... READ MORE

What can I do to clear my dark spots and ingrown hair bumps & scaring under my neck and side burns? (photos)

23yr old African American woman who's been suffering with this embarrassment since 14. I used to shave and stopped then began to twez the hairs and or... READ MORE

Burned skin from Laser Hair Removal (Photo)

I just got a laser hair removal treatment and it was my first session. Now my cheeks and necks are full of brown scars. I have a big party coming up... READ MORE

Will my Underarm Scar After Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I had my 3rd laser hair removal session and it hurt a lot more than the last two sessions. I noticed bumpiness and black dots and my armpits look... READ MORE

Burns and Pain from Laser hair removal. How do I prevent scarring and hyper or hypopigmentation?

I had LHR day before yesterday, the 'dermatol..' used a high setting and exposed my skin for long. My face was burning for hrs. I woke up with dark... READ MORE

Sheer light laser hair removal, what will happen? (Photo)

So i have Done lightsheer laser 2 before on my hole lower body, and it has been fine . Got some minimal burns that went away. I did sheer light laser... READ MORE

Are these red spots normal after laser hair removal/how long do they normally last?

I recently had my second brazilian laser hair removal treatment and I immediately received these multiple red spots. I didn't have any during my first... READ MORE

I had a reaction after laser hair removal, hives, swelling and red dots. What can I do to get rid of the red dots? (Photo)

I under went my second hair removal treatment with a gentlelase machine on bikini, underarms and full legs. My bikini, underarms and the top half of... READ MORE

I'm I Going to Have These Scars for Fife? Should I Go to a Dermatologist? (photo)

I had a laser treatment which left my legs with Half moon looking burn. It is painful and both legs look very lumpy READ MORE

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