Pigmentation + Laser Hair Removal

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I Have Developed Dark Pigments on my Upper Lip, Where I Had Laser Hair Removal. What Do I Do?

I had laser hair removal on my upper lip a few years ago. About a month ago, the skin above my upper lip became darker, and now is "tanned" in the... READ MORE

Dark Spots or Pigmentations in Bikini Area After Laser Hair Removal! What to Do?

I did laser hair removal for the bikini area in May 2011 and I got pigmentations. I have some dark spots and generally speaking the skin is a bit... READ MORE

How to Fade Pigmentation from Laser Hair Removal?

I had my Laser Hair Removal 3 weeks ago, but my legs are now full with mix hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. I am worried and want to ask what... READ MORE

Coolglide or Candela Gentle Yag for Dark Hair/skin

I've tried Coolglide for years and now I feel as though it is no longer working for me. I've recently had 2 treatments with the Candela Gentle... READ MORE

Will these marks re-pigment?

It's been almost 3 1/2 weeks post brazilian laser removal, there was some scabbing that I didn't pick or anything, but afterwards it left some small... READ MORE

I Want to Remove Face Hair my Face Color is LIGHT Brown I Have Spot and Freckle . Can It Cause for Moor Pigmentation ?

I want to remove MY face hair permanently . my face color is LIGHT Brown and I Have tendency to spot and freckle on my face . can it cause for moor... READ MORE

After hair laser removal, I got scabs and dark pigment on my face. Why did this happen? (Photo)

After hair laser I got scabbie and dark pigment on my face. Its been one week and no changes will it fade why did this happen? READ MORE

Best Laser for Hair Removal and Pigmentation?

I get a horrible pigmentation on my arms after any form of hair removal. Is there any laser or other treatment that can help me get rid of the... READ MORE

How to effectively treat this laser hair removal burn (underarm) in order to heal fast and prevent pigmentation changes? (Photo)

I have been going to this clinic for 3 months now (3rd full leg treatment, 1st arm treatment)... and the tech was nice enough to offer to do my... READ MORE

Will my laser hair treatment burn go away? (Photo)

3 days ago I used a home laser hair remover called Philips Lumea. Part of the procedure in the manual is that I mark the skin with a grid. After the... READ MORE

How to Treat Pigmentation After Hair Removal Laser?

I'm 35 years old teacher & i've got 5 kids. last year, i did botox in my forehead & some fillers around my face. I had around 5-6 hair removal... READ MORE

I got laser hair removal nearly two weeks ago and got burnt. Does it look serious? (Photo)

Not sure whether I was too tanned but the rest of my body is fine apart from my tummy. It's formed a faint scab but I can hardly feel it the scab is... READ MORE

Hair Removal and Pigmentation Treatment Simultaneously, Does It Work?!

I'm 29 old girl with skin type3 and black hair,recently done with my whole body laser hair removal sessions(532nm,Nd:Yag)which was satisfactory... READ MORE

I have brown pigmentation on my neck after laser hair removal. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I got laser hair removal three weeks ago using a candela machine. Now I have brown pigmentation on my neck and face. Is this permanent? What can I do... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal, The Skin Won't Tan or Flush, Is This Normal?

Besides having laser hair about a yr ago and it not tanning ...why does it not flush or turn red when i shower like the rest of my skin or when im... READ MORE

How long does it take for skin pigment to come back after laser hair removal?

I got laser hair removal treatment above my lip. After the second treatment two light spots appeared above my lip. A week later I went in the sun and... READ MORE

I had my face treated for hair removal. I had 2 treatments 3 weeks apart. The dark patch has increase. Any suggestions? (photos)

After 2nd treatment a dark patch appeared vertically down my right cheek. The Doctor treated this thrice with Skin Lightening Solution from Kalium.... READ MORE

Laser Burns from 2.5 Months Ago (Laser Treatment)? (photo)

The burns crusted, fell off and left white skin that eventually turned into this horrible pigmentation. i have been to a skin doctor that concluded... READ MORE

I have dark pigmentation and reddish boils in my bikini area?

I have a darker colour and red boils in my bikini areas which may have been due to ingrown hairs from waxing. I've taken them out though, with... READ MORE

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