Patchy + Laser Hair Removal

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Im a 32 Years Old Man Who Did Laser Hair Removal on my Beard and Now I Want It Back What Can I Do? (photo)

I did laser hair removal with the light sheer six years agoon my facial hair when i had full beard...and its dark i have very little hair... READ MORE

Patchy Regrowth After Only One Laser Hair Removal Session?

I did a single laser treatment on my forearm and it has been 2.5 months. The hair has regrown patchy with some small very light hair in some spots.... READ MORE

Wanted 2 Reduce Hair Amount and Now Im Missing Hair on Certain Spots It Looks Awful

Im a very hairy guy and i just wanted to reduce hair amount. I did two sessions with this home removal laser because i just didnt want anybody to... READ MORE

Hair is patchy after 3 laser removal treatments? Will it grow back and look normal after few months? (photo)

I did 3 hair laser treatments on my legs and now they are patchy and look not normal. it's been 2 months and the areas where there is no hair is not... READ MORE

I Have Discoloration (Dark Patches) on my Upper Lip. I Have Been Using the Flash and Go at Home?

Is the discoloration permanent? Should I stop using the flash and go? (I am getting really great results)... What can I do. Looks like I have a... READ MORE

I had 1 treatment of alexandrite laser hair removal 3 yrs ago on forearms & hands. How can I get the hair to grow back? (Photo)

Hi I had an intense laser hair removal treatment 3 years ago with an alexandrite laser The settings were really high and I felt like my arms were on... READ MORE

Is one laser hair removal treatment enough to remove all hair on chest? Will it grow patchy or uniform on the chest area?

I had my first treatment of laser hair removal on chest and abdomen two weeks ago and I almost have any hair. Im hairy with black dense hair (and... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal 3 weeks ago, and it's patchy. How long will it take to grow back?

Just to ask, I had 1 laser hair removal session on my neck 3 weeks ago to target ingrown hairs. It was on the absolute lowest setting and now I REALLY... READ MORE

Red patches with bumps like acne after having Solon laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin, what can it be? (photo)

I had a laser removal with the Solon laser on my upper lip and chin area. Since 5 months ago though, I am using clindamycin phosphate + tretinoin gel... READ MORE

I'm worried that the results will be patchy?

I want to get laser hair removal done, but as many of you have said, the laser only removes up to 70-80% of the hair. So what about the remaining... READ MORE

Bruising and burning after Brazilian Laser Hair Removal? (Photos)

My 1st time lasering - underarms went fine, but my Brazilian resulted in dark purple patches and streaks of what looks like bruising? She said she... READ MORE

Patchy pubic hair 6 months after my first and only laser session.

6 months ago I did brazilian hair removal and for 2 months my pubic hair did not grow. Then it grew back normally. Now 6 months later my pubic hair is... READ MORE

Laser hair removal - patchy beard. Should all hair shed even though it wasn't on anagen phase?

Hi, im male with pale skin dark hair. Unfortunately 12 sessions of laser with no results. Practitioner uses ND yag which I don't think is working.... READ MORE

I had my first hair laser removal on chest and a looks patchy. Will it grow a little more even or stay patchy for ever? (Photo)

I had a my very first treatment of hair laser removal on chest/stomach. I asked the doctor to do it prior to have a natural look. The thing it's that... READ MORE

I had my face treated for hair removal. I had 2 treatments 3 weeks apart. The dark patch has increase. Any suggestions? (photos)

After 2nd treatment a dark patch appeared vertically down my right cheek. The Doctor treated this thrice with Skin Lightening Solution from Kalium.... READ MORE

Is There is Any Complication with Laser Hair Removal in Varicose Veins?

I am female suffering from varicose vein and I did laser for hair removal for the whole body but after one day I noticed appearance of multiple skin... READ MORE

I Am Still Red & Patchy 4 Weeks Post Laser Hair Removal for PFB. What Should I Do? (photo)

I had mild pseudofolliculitis barbae at the base of my beard. My back & shoulders were done at the same time (same laser) w no issue. 4 wks later,... READ MORE

More hair after 8 sessions of laser in my back & the situation is worse than before, what to do please? (photo)

I was suffering from patchy thick hair in my back (I put it in circles) ,after 8 sessions of laser I noticed more hair growing in full area i.e. the... READ MORE

Is laser hair removal usually this patchy? I only had one treatment but it looks like they just missed large areas. (Photo)

LightSheer® DUET™ by Lumenis 5 weeks after 1st treatment. Is this Normal to have the hair come back patchy? Did they just miss lots of spots? Thanks READ MORE

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