Lips + Laser Hair Removal

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Is It Ok to Take Painkillers Before Waxing?

I've had some people tell me to take ibuprofin or acetomenphin before I get waxed.... but I've had other aestheticians tell me not to because... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Freckles to Turn Darker After Laser Hair Removal?

I had my first treatment of Laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin yesterday. I have noticed that the freckles on above my lip and chin have... READ MORE

If the Hair Hasn't Fallen out 17 Days After Laser, is There Any Chance That It Will?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment 17 days ago. The hair on my lip is gone; it fell out almost immediately. But the thick hairs on my chin... READ MORE

I Think I've Been Burned on my Lips from Laser Hair Removal. What Can I Do?

I've had 5 laser treatments (full face) and my lips are now very dry, cracked and red above my upper lip and below my lower lip. I've been... READ MORE

Solution for Ingown Hair All over Upper Lip and Beard? (photo)

Male medium dark skin I have what appears to be ingrown hair on my face and cheeks,where i shave on a regular basis. This gives me a very dark 5... READ MORE

Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I am currently seeking laser hair removal for chin,neck and lip area . I currently shave and tweeze everyday for those areas . Do I contact a... READ MORE

First Session of Diode Laser Hair Removal Resulted in Blister on the Left Side of my Lower Lip.

The dermatologist has assured me this won't leave a scar but i am scared that it will. I am applying metafumeroate cream before applying my post... READ MORE

Can you get rid of this stubble facial hair that is on my face, lips, chin and neck? (Photo)

No matter how I rub my hand across my face it is the "stubble feel" that is heartbreaking! Can you get rid of this for me and if so how? She even... READ MORE

I want riddance from discoloration on upper lip from recent laser hair removal. What are my options?

I am indian and have upper lip darkening from 2 months post laser hair removal. I have done cosmelan mask and have been using the cream from 1 month.... READ MORE

How to reduce face swelling after procedure and heal a burn blister on my lip? (photo)

Yesterday I got laser hair removal, my 9th treatment and I think the lady got really close to my lip because one zap really hurt and today I woke up... READ MORE

Will the colour of my raised mole ever come back? If not, is there anything I can do to bring it back?

10 years ago I was getting laser hair removal on my upper lip when an inexperienced replacement staff lasered over the Cindy Crawford like mole on the... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal on my face affect the Restylane in my lips?

I had Restylane injected into my lips about 10 days ago. I've been doing laser hair removal on my entire beard area, and I'm worried that the laser... READ MORE

How long does it take for skin pigment to come back after laser hair removal?

I got laser hair removal treatment above my lip. After the second treatment two light spots appeared above my lip. A week later I went in the sun and... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal (Mistakenly Used on the Highest Level) Caused Deep Lines in the Corner of my Lips?

Laser hair removal (mistakenly used on the highest level) caused deeeep lines in the corner of my lips, 3 on each side. My fault, I went to a cheap... READ MORE

Can my Lip Colour Lighten Up After Laser Treatment for Hair Removal?

Can my Lip Colour Lighten Up After Laser Treatment for Hair Removal? READ MORE

I did a session of hair removal with Nd:YAG on type 2 skin and there are blisters and a severe edema on my face and lips.

I gave here systemic and topical steroid .ab.ant histamine. Wound heal promoter the pt improve but pigmentation and scar seem to be apear haw to deal... READ MORE

How can I remove the burn marks on my face? (photos)

I used to go to laser for my face hair removal, around my lips and under my ears. And then I noticed the areas turning to a brown color. How can I... READ MORE

Can we wax the area under laser treatment?

I hv hard growth on my chin nd upper lip i have started laser treatment now my small hair on chin and upper lip is coming back.... can i wax it or... READ MORE

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