If the Hair Hasn't Fallen out 17 Days After Laser, is There Any Chance That It Will?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment 17 days ago. The hair on my lip is gone; it fell out almost immediately. But the thick hairs on my chin and neck are holding firm. I've called the office back multiple times and they keep saying, just wait a few days. My hair is very thick and black and I have several dozen hairs. When I shave, you can still see the hair under the skin, especially in daylight and under florescent lighting. Would it hurt to wax? The literature advised against it.

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Hair Falling Out After Laser Hair Removal

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Often a single laser hair removal treatment with shorter pulse durations can result in nearly total epilation of the hair follicles in the treatment area. It is important to know that a majority of these hairs are likely to regrow and this isn’t considered a treatment failure. Generally, about 15% of hairs are permanently removed with each laser treatment. On the other hand, laser hair removal treatments with longer pulse durations may leave behind many hairs which appear to “grow” following treatment. These “growing” hairs are dislodged from the hair follicle and require several weeks to be completely shed. Any method of epilation, including waxing, can be used to hasten their removal.


Laser hair removal

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Not all hair falls out after laser treatment. The hair may need to be pushed out by new growing hairs in the follicle after the energy is absorbed. Don't think that the hairs that do fall out are permanently gone either. Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments so that the growing part of the hair follicle becomes permanently destroyed. Don't do waxing within two weeks after or while there is any irritation of the skin or less than two weeks before the next scheduled treatment.

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