Fine Hair + Laser Hair Removal

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Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Fine Hairs?

I've just finished my 5th treatment by Coolglide for my arms, underarms, legs, tummy and face. The results have been really good. My skin type is V.... READ MORE

Hair Removal for Fine Abdomen and Chest Hair on Light Skin

I am a 22 year old female and have hair growing all over my abdomen (especially down the midline and the midline below my belly button) and all over... READ MORE

Will Soprano Xl Work on Black Fine Hair? (photo)

I have sideburns that I would like to get rid of and I was wondering is the Soprano XL would be effective? The thing I'm concerned about is the fact... READ MORE

I Am Thinking About Getting LHR. Can You Explain to Me the Different Types of Lasers and Brands?

I get really confuse when I read about all the different kinds on the internet and I just want to have a background knowledge about them. I am asian,... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal treatment works on fine textured hair?

I visited a place to get my face done for laser hair removal treatment but I got disappointed by what technician told me. She said she can only treat... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal work on fine, visible, dark hair on face?

Does laser hair removal work on fine (still very visible), dark hair on cheeks, upper lip and chin area? I have light brown skin with dark hair. To be... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal stop working at some point?

I've had laser hair removal on my entire genital area (front to back, sac to crack) and am very happy with the results overall. The one stubborn area... READ MORE

With laser hair removal, is there a way to have treated area blend into surrounding finer hairs to create a more natural look?

I was wondering if the laser could possibly use a scattering/blending technique to avoid straight lines of hair removal next to finer body hair (such... READ MORE

Why do I have hair on my forehead? I am a 20 year old Hispanic female.

I have posted a lot of questions regarding my hairline but another problem is the hairs I have on my forehead. They are really noticeable. They are... READ MORE

8 treatments with Candela laser for hair removal and my dark fine hair is growing back stronger, what can I do? (Photo)

I'm a 28 y/o male, portuguese skin. Last year I started doing laser treatments with Candela to remove my hair in my upper arms and back. The hair was... READ MORE

Do laser techs and derms use a higher powered setting with each progressive laser epilation treatment for hair removal?

I've heard that treatments after the first are supposed to get less and less uncomfortable with each session because the existing hairs that are... READ MORE

After completion of laser treatment, can I opt for facial epilator for removing chin little dark hairs?

I had been taking laser hair removal treatment since 2012 (6+ session @kaya skin clinic)...then in 2014 i consulted endocrinologist..she referred me... READ MORE

Laser or electrolysis for fine dark hair on face? Is it true that laser makes fine, dark hair thick and coarse?

I have reltivly visible hair on my face not too thick but noticeable I wanted to get laiser on my face after reading crazy stories about hair growing... READ MORE

How to I prevent hair re-growth after many laser treatments?

I've had 14 laser treatments on my brazilian area and fine hairs still grow back. I've had laser on other parts of my body and from experience, the... READ MORE

After 5 sessions of laser hair removal, the fine hair is getting worse

After 5 session Laser in my face the fine hairs getting worse now tick and dark in my cheek and in my neck but my tick hair in my upper lip and in... READ MORE

Can I sugar my legs after laser treatments? I have lots of blond hair that won't go with laser but I still want it gone. (photo)

I have different hair colors ranging from very blond and light fine brown hair to think dark brown hair all in the same area of my body. I am going... READ MORE

I have very fine hair on my face. Should I get the laser or electrolysis?

I have very fine hair on my face. I had tried LHR with gentle max 1064 without any difference about 2 years ago. It did not work. I am type 4-5 skin... READ MORE

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