Dark Spots + Laser Hair Removal

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Got Burned by Laser Hair Removal and Have Dark Spot, How Can I Get Rid of Them Fast? (photo)

Hello, I had my 3rd laser hair removal 6 days ago on my upper lip and full brazilian area. I noticed that it was more painful than usual and swollen... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn, Will This Leave a Scar? (Photos)

4 days ago i did laser hair removal on my arms and i got this scabs, i put on antibiotic as soon as i got home but now im really scared is this going... READ MORE

Skin Darkening from Laser Hair Removal

I have had several laser hair removal treatments for facial hair, and have noticed that my face has been getting darker. Even though I am of a darker... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal get rid of previous Hyperpigmentation from ingrown hairs? I'm 21 & it's been there for about 10 years.

Hello I'm a light-skinned african american girl (Chanel Iman's skin tone) and I always had a problem with my bikini line. I can't shave, wax, epilate,... READ MORE

Dark Red Spots After Laser Hair Removal

I had no reaction to Gentle Yag, until a few hours after the laser hair removal treatment. Now, it's been four days and my skin is full of dark red... READ MORE

Dark Spots or Pigmentations in Bikini Area After Laser Hair Removal! What to Do?

I did laser hair removal for the bikini area in May 2011 and I got pigmentations. I have some dark spots and generally speaking the skin is a bit... READ MORE

Will These Dark Spots and Dark Swollen Areas Scar? (photo)

I had my last hair removal session and after 4 days this is what my right underarm looks like (see attached photo). There are dark black spots and it... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my upper lip, immediately after treatment it starting burning. I have dark spots. (Photo)

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my upper lip, immediately after treatment it starting burning and the pain didn't go away for about 3 or 4 hours... READ MORE

I Got a Bad Sunburn 5 Days After Laser Hair Removal. Am I Going to Scar?

I got a really bad sunburn on my back 5 days after laser hair removal. The burning is already healing but the dark marks are still there. I went to... READ MORE

Dark Spots and Facial Hair PCOS?

I have terrible dark spots due to dhave facial hair. I have pcos. What can i do to get rid of the spots an what laser treatment is best for facial... READ MORE

Will These Laser Hair Removal Burns Be Permanent? What Can I Do to Help It Heal? (photo)

I've done 6 laser hair removal treatments so far. Today was the 7th and the first time I got these dark spots. They had to use a different machine on... READ MORE

Laser hair removal burns with no scabbing. Will these spots fade? (photos)

I got my 5th laser hair treatment done on my bikini line yesterday. I'm tanner than usual from the tanning salon and I probably shouldn't have had the... READ MORE

How do I correct my darker skin after laser hair removal? (photos)

I did laser hair removal treatment in the beard but in the area where I got this laser hair removal the skin became dark. What i need to do to remova... READ MORE

What is Better Gentle Laze or Gentle Yag?

I have light skin and I'm using gentle laze for about 2 years and I got dark areas in different parts of my body and the pain is increasing every... READ MORE

Had a Hair Lazer Removal on my Face Last Year. I Got Burned on Both Sides of my Cheeks Now I Have Huge Dark Spots.what Do I Do?

I had a hair lazer removal on my face last year and i got burned on both sides of my cheeks and now i have dark spots. the doctor told me they would... READ MORE

Hair Removal Laser, Scars, Spots, Who?

Would like to take a laser treatment against hair growth, but are afraid of dark spots and scars. I have light skin and dark hair. Who may be exposed... READ MORE

Dark skin spots, almost black, in vagina after hair laser removal. What can be done? (Photo)

Almost 2 days ago o got my 6th treatment session for laser hair removal. I have never had this reaction before it is black spots as if skin was burned... READ MORE

I have burn or hyper pigmentation immediately after laser hair removal. Is this normal? (photos)

I had laser hair removal three hours ago for the third time with no issues the first two times. Immediately after it was burning pretty bad and had... READ MORE

What can I do to clear my dark spots and ingrown hair bumps & scaring under my neck and side burns? (photos)

23yr old African American woman who's been suffering with this embarrassment since 14. I used to shave and stopped then began to twez the hairs and or... READ MORE

What Are These Dark Areas After Laser Hair Removal on Scrotum? (photo)

I am an Asian male and I had my first laser hair removal treatment almost 2 days ago using the Soprano XL laser on my bikini area. The entire... READ MORE

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