2 Weeks Post-op + Laser Hair Removal

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Is It Protocol to Use Some Type of Gel Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

I got burned from a laser hair removal treatment about 2 weeks ago. I believe it was because the nurse performing the treatment didnt use any type of... READ MORE

Why do I have bumps under my skin in pubic area after Soprano XL? (photo)

2 weeks ago I had my 3rd session of Soprano XL laser hair removal on bikini area. After the treatment my skin was extremely red & sore, had plenty of... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns, Will these be Permanent? (photo)

Hello, I had a laser hair removal treatment on legs almost 2 weeks ago, and I got burnt. I think the reason I got burnt was due to the high intensity... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Tiny Bumps 2 Weeks After Hair Laser Removal on my Bikini Line and Thighs?

Will these bumps go away eventually and is there anything I can put on to help them disappear READ MORE

Hyper Pigmentation After Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

I had my first laser ( diode laser pain free) hair removal for my underarms two weeks ago. Since then the area has darkened significantly. Is this... READ MORE

Burns After Laser Hair Removal (Hyperpigmentation?) (photo)

I had my first laser hair removal like 2 weeks ago with my legs in İstanbul Turkey, first i had red big dots on my leg and they were burning, I went ... READ MORE

Sheer light laser hair removal, what will happen? (Photo)

So i have Done lightsheer laser 2 before on my hole lower body, and it has been fine . Got some minimal burns that went away. I did sheer light laser... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing total shedding after my first laser hair removal treatment?

I had my first laser hair removal carried out a little over 2 weeks ago. over the past couple of days i have experienced about 90-95% hair shedding,... READ MORE

Is it okay to get laser hair removal on upper lip 2 weeks after closed rhinoplasty?

Is it okay to get laser hair removal to the upper lip area after CLOSED rhinoplasty about two weeks after? If not, how long should I wait before resuming? READ MORE

I got laser hair removal nearly two weeks ago and got burnt. Does it look serious? (Photo)

Not sure whether I was too tanned but the rest of my body is fine apart from my tummy. It's formed a faint scab but I can hardly feel it the scab is... READ MORE

Which is preferred for hair removal in the upper lip between laser hair removal treatments: waxing or cream?

I started a laser hair removal session about 2 weeks ago and during session no hair was actually removed, it was in the upper lip. They explained that... READ MORE

Will my skin be permanently scar from pigmentation?

I had a laser hair removal treatment 2 weeks now I was severely burn under my chin, I now have pigmentation from that will it be permanent. I am also... READ MORE

Laser hair removal, scabs leave scars after peeling. Will that heal? (photos)

I had a treatment 18 days ago. I was very red for 3 days after it. Now the scabs are peeling and they leave an awful mark on my skin, like a burn.  READ MORE

Will my pubic hair grow back after 2 LHR treatments? It's been 8 weeks since my treatment.

I got LHR for my bikini and the women doing it misunderstood what I wanted and did the top part of my vagina i was too scared to say anything but only... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal in bikini area, is labia hair more resistant?

I had hair removal from bikini area 2 weeks ago few hair in the pubic area fall out but the labia majora and inbtween the hair didnt fall out at all... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal 2 weeks ago. Is this a burn? (Photo)

I had laser hair removal 2 weeks ago (brazilian) and there was a section on the inside of my thigh that once treated nearly made me jump from up from... READ MORE

Rashes After IPL Hair Removal, What's The Cause? (photo)

2 weeks ago I had an IPL for hair removal on my back. The IPL treatment felt quite burning and I felt that she did not take enough of the cooling gel... READ MORE

Severe itching has been persistent for 2 weeks post 2nd laser treatment, decreasing in intensity only 3 days ago. Normal?(Photo)

I asked my therapist ahe said it was a "normal" reaction but judging by the answers I've been seeing on this page I feel like I'd like to investigate... READ MORE

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