Laser Hair Removal in bikini area, is labia hair more resistant?

I had hair removal from bikini area 2 weeks ago few hair in the pubic area fall out but the labia majora and inbtween the hair didnt fall out at all and the dr told me not to shave the area before the session so i feel like nothing happened !! The dr told me that is it normal that the hair in labia area is resistant and will respond to treatment after 3dr or 4th session ! Is that true drs ???

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Laser Hair Removal on Labia

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You should shave as close as you can in all the areas that you want treated. You should see the hair grows thinner with each laser treatment. It treats around 6 treatments but no the labia is not resistant.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Resistant hair removal on labia

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This is not true. All hair should be shaved that is being treated. If it is not shaved, the heat will not go deep into the hair shaft and you won't have an effect. The labia is somewhat harder to treat due to anatomy, but it will not be more resistant to treatment.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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