1 Year Post-op + Laser Hair Removal

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Can Waxing over Lazer Hair Removal Help Remove the Black, Clogged Hair Pores?

My lazer hair removal treatment has been completed for about a year now. I have had wonderful result and NO MORE HAIR. However, I have little dark... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal....

I had laser a little over a year ago and now i feel like i have a lighter demarcrated line on my upper lip...is this permanent? I am skin type IV and... READ MORE

Can I have laser hair removal after a c section?

Hi doc. i have given birth through c section last year. can i have now hair laser removal? but laser light might affect scar. please help READ MORE

I Am 25 Years Old and 15 Months Ago I Had a Laser Hair Removal Treatment with An Alex Laser on my Forearms Will It Grow Back?

Hi, I am 25 years Old and 15 months ago I ha a laser hair removal treatment with An alexandrite laser on my forearms. Now I have patchy hair growth.... READ MORE

Scarring from laser hair removal a year and a half later? (photo)

So, I have these brown spots (scars from laser hair removal) that have lasted for over a year and have not gone away. They are much better and lighter... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal over 1 year ago. I got burned last time. Do the scars remain permanently? Avene or Biafin? (Photos)

I used to go to laser over 1 year.I got burned 5days ago.I attached a pic of leg on 1st day and its pic and also belly on 5th day.1st two days I used... READ MORE

No sex drive for 1 year after laser hair removal

It has been 1 year since I have felt no sensation in my clitoris, and that was immediately after bikini laser hair removal. She went over everywhere,... READ MORE

Is it worth it to go for more Laser HR treatments on my upper lip after 11 treatments or should I go for electrolysis? (Photo)

Female, skin type III. 1 yr ago, I started LHR on my upper lip w/ Alexandrite laser: 9 treatments. The 4-7th treatments were successful I had no hair.... READ MORE

I have been having diode laser hair removal for 15 months now and I still shave twice a day? It's on my chin area.

I see the consultant every 4 weeks. I shave before I go but im starting to wonder if I'm being coned. My hairs are dark and I have fair skin. I think... READ MORE

Is hair removal treatment effective after 1 yr gap or wait till September and start fresh, then continue through the winter?

A year ago I started my hair removal treatment for my bikini and underarms and only got through four sessions, which were about 6 to 7 weeks apart. I... READ MORE

Is It the Laser Hair Removal That is Causing my Breakouts? (photo)

It’s been 1 yr since I’ve started laser on my face and neck. I’ve had 8 treatments and for the last 4 I’ve been breaking out... READ MORE

Had laser hair removal with ipl by a dermatologist and was burnt.

About a year ago i had ipl laser hair removal and felt very hot, then had brown scales in patches which one month later cleared, i used cortizone... READ MORE

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