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After Juvederm the Area Between my Upper Lip and Nose is Huge and Swollen.

I had Juvederm injected yesterday to treat the vertical lines that formed when I puckered between my nose and upper lip. The area is HUGE(and bruised)... READ MORE

Juvederm and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Can i get juvederm injections in verticle lip lines and nasal folds even though i have rheumatoid arthritis?rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Effective for Deep Nasolabial Lines?

Consulted with hospital cosmetic clinic to take Juvederm injections for deep nasolabial lines, and finer lines/wrinkles around mouth including lip's... READ MORE

How to Treat Vertical Line Above Middle of Eye. Worsened After Several Botox Treatments for Frown.

Vertical line/wrinkle that appeared middle of eyebrow area after several rounds of botox to frown. Line is both above and below eyebrow. Is this... READ MORE

Could this be a blood vessel problem after Juvederm in lips? Red vertical lines after 0,5 Juve in philtrum, scarring? (Photo)

YesterdayI have got0,5 ofJuvedermUltraSmile injected into my philtrum to make it and the cupid bow stand out more.The doc injected it a little over... READ MORE

Juvederm Stayed in Line After Injection

I just had juvederm yesterday..there is an apparent "line" (vertically) on left cheek that is hard and noticeable. Will the treated area disperse or... READ MORE

I have had a problem with my lips for years especially with vertical lines. How can I fix my problem? (photo)

I have many Vertical lines on my lips, and are not well defined. The skin is an uneven colour and pigmented. I do not have a distinct Vermilion Border... READ MORE

Hard vertical line lip rim after Juvederm Ultra + two weeks ago! Is this normal? Will it resolve? What can I do? (Photo)

Hello- juvey ultra + in upper lip only 2 weeks ago. Swelling & bruising settled. I now can see & feel hard vertical lines/bumps in upper lip rim. When... READ MORE

White lips after Juvederm,is it normal? Would you use Juvederm around the lips instead of into it? (photos)

I was concerned about vertical lines around my mouth and my thin lips. I had 1 syringe of Juvedern ultra injected around the lips using a canula. He... READ MORE

Juvederm after 1 week in lips. Any suggestions?

I had Juvederm (1 syrynge) 1 week ago for vertical lip lines and fullness top and bottom. The border of my upper lip looks too defined and my lips... READ MORE

I have white spaces above my upper lip from Juvederm for vertical lines approx. 11 days ago, will it go away on its own?

I had juvedem on my vertical lines above my upper lip & now I have white spots? While this resolve? Thanks. READ MORE

Track Marks Left After Juvederm on 10/02, What do I need to do? (photos)

I am a huge fan of Botox and filler and have never, ever had issues. On October 2nd I had filler put in both cheeks for acne scars. The injector... READ MORE

For vertical lip lines, is Juvederm injected into the lines themselves or into the lips?

I wanted to fill the vertical lines around my lips, but the RN I went to injected it into my lips. I didn't want bigger lips. All my lines are still... READ MORE

Two weeks ago, I had Juvederm between my eyebrows to fill in vertical lines. (Photo)

Now I have "pillows" under my eyes on either side of my nose. What is causing these pillows and how do i get rid of them? Can it be swelling two weeks... READ MORE

Why do I have tiny smile lines on the sides of my both a top of juvederm in my lips?

I'm 26. I recently got another 1 ml of juvederm in my lips (I had gotten 1 ml about 9 months prior) and got these little one cm vertical lines on the... READ MORE

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