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How Many Areas Can a Full Juvederm Syringe Cover?

How far does a full syringe of Juvederm go? Would I have enough for my smile lines, top and bottom lip, and the crease in my chin? READ MORE

How Long Does Pain Last After Juvederm Injections?

I had 1cc of juvederm divided evenly to my smile lines 13 days ago. The inital pain was fine but now I still have discomfort. Is this normal? READ MORE

Can Facial Hemosiderin Stain Become Permanent?

Got juvederm by my smile line and somehow the Dr hit a nerve or overfilled and cut off blood to one side of my nasal/cheek area and left it with deep... READ MORE

Fillers in Cheeks and Side of Face to Help Decrease Smile Lines?

Hi, I am going for my first fillers treatment next week to try and decrease the lines around my mouth. The doctor suggested instead of filling around... READ MORE

Does this look like normal bruising 2 days out from Juvederm? (Photo)

Juvederm to smiln lines, one side bled a little while doing it, but began to form a bruise within 15 minutes. Darker, larger bruise 36 hours out.... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Plus for Indented Smile Lines?

Hi. I Have Fine Lines (Nasolabial Area) or Smile Lines, with a Minor Indentation. These lines look more pronounced when I wear make up. I consulted a... READ MORE

If Juvederm Didn't Work on my Smile Lines, What Are Some Good Alternatives? (photo)

I had to viles of Juvederm used on my smile lines. It was improved for about a month, but now it has returned to normal especially on one side. I am... READ MORE

Weird Smile After Juvederm Injections

8 months ago I got Juvederm for smile lines. On day 2 I saw when I smiled I had new lines, like a joker smile. Doctor said after the product settled... READ MORE

Is this a blocked blood vessel after Juvederm injection 8 days ago?

Hello, I had juvederm 8 days ago and have red patches and new bruises that popped up below my smile line and lower lip. Initially, I was very swollen... READ MORE

How Can Juvederm Be Used in Midface Without Lumpy Results?

Having had Juvederm injections several times for smile lines before, one doctor said that she could inject it in my cheeks and under my eyes if I want... READ MORE

Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm? (photo)

Four months ago I had a PA inject Juvederm Ultra Plus XC in my smile lines and lips. I'm 29 and didn't have deep lines but was told the juvederm would... READ MORE

27 Year Old Considering Juvederm for Smile Creases- 3 Months Til Wedding

Hi, I recently lost 15 lbs and my face has slimmed down significantly. I now have smile creases around my mouth that are always present. The lines... READ MORE

What is the best way to cover Juvederm bruising?

I had Juvederm a couple days ago. This time I got a nasty bruise on one side of my face around the smile line. It's impossible to cover up because its... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Be Placed in an Area That Has Had Sculptra in It?

I had sculptra placed in my "smile" lines earlier in the year (10 Mo. ago). The fix is subtle, and I did not like waiting so long just to... READ MORE

Juvederm for Cheeks?

Is there anything I can do to decrease the amount of lines that form when I smile? Would filling out my cheeks with Juvederm help? My face has lost... READ MORE

How Deep Do Juvederm Injections Go?

I'm considering Juvederm on my smile folds. How far does the needle have to go in? READ MORE

Second Session of Juvederm

Juvederm Second Session : I Am 33 Years with Mild Smile Lines Which Looked More Pronounced Under Makeup. I had juvederm ultra plus (one syringe on... READ MORE

Juvederm Vs Princess Injectibles. Which is best?

I went for a consultation today regarding getting my lips enhanced and my smile lines filled. I've had my lips done with juvederm before and she has... READ MORE

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