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Is It Necessary to Sleep Elevated on Back After Juvederm?

I had botox and juvederm done at noon today. is it necessary for me to sleep on my back and/or elevate my head when I sleep tonight? i forgot to ask... READ MORE

Can I Sleep on my Stomach (My Face Pressed in Pillow) After Getting a Juvederm Injection?

I can only fall asleep when I lay on my stomach but am afraid that this will move the juvederm in my face. Also, one side of my face seems puffier... READ MORE

Can the way I sleep affect my Juvederm?

Can it hurt the symmetry or make it look different on one side of my face (if that's the side I sleep on)? READ MORE

Juvederm for Lines Caused by Sleeping on my Side

I have relatively deep lines on either side of my nose that I believe are caused by sleeping on my side. Would you recommend juvederm for this? Or... READ MORE

Cosmetic Fillers in Cheeks Yesterday, Surgeon Massage Area Really Hard to Spread it Out Evenly?

However, since sleeping overnight - i slept on one side and I now have a hard lump under my eye - you can't see it but you can feel it. Is this... READ MORE

Sleeping vs lips Juvederm

Today was my first Lips juvederm"filler" And i'm having a hard time i cant sleep on my back,Whenever i try too i have this massive pain on my back... READ MORE

Juvaderm in nasolabial folds was not injected deep enough and is also uneven

I got a syringe of juvaderm in my nasolabial folds last week. I now have on big fat lump by my right cheek/nose area which I'm not sure should even be... READ MORE

Would thumb sucking after Juvederm lip fillers hurt the result?

I have been a thumb sucker ever since I was a toddler. I have been fortunate so far that it has not caused any dental issues. I have been considering... READ MORE

Juvederm swelling 4 years post-op, why is this happening? (Photos)

Hi, i had juvederm injected into my tear troughs over 4 years ago. On one side only, there is persistent redness and a swollen lump. The lump is in... READ MORE

Can Juvederm spread when put in nasolabial folds if you're a stomach sleeper?

I have been getting Juvederm in my nasolabial folds for a few years. I feel like the filler is spreading and going above the nasolabial folds line... READ MORE

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